“It’s Scary Sometimes,” AEW Veteran calls Brock Lesnar the most EXPLOSIVE ATHLETE he encountered in the ring

Former World Champion heaped praise on Brock Lesnar for being agile and quick in the ring despite his size.

“It’s Scary Sometimes,” AEW Veteran calls Brock Lesnar the most EXPLOSIVE ATHLETE he encountered in the ring

Brock Lesnar (via WWE)

The WWE Universe has witnessed several superathletes in the squared circle. Brock Lesnar is one such name. This statement was further endorsed by the former WWE Superstar, Big Show. He was asked about who was the strongest in the ring. While his first answer was John Cena, it did not take him long to state the name of the Beast Incarnate.

While speaking about it, the AEW veteran stated that Brock Lesnar is probably the most explosive athlete he has ever been in the ring with. Big Show, a.k.a. Paul Wight, stated that it was unfathomable to see how fast Lesnar moves in the ring. According to him, the sight of him moving so quickly despite his size is simply scary.

Brock is probably the most explosive athlete I have ever been in the ring with. Brock moves so quick, it's scary sometimes. Like you don't realize, he's that big and he moves that fast.
Big Show on Brock Lesnar

Additionally, Big Show said that, when it comes to picking him up, John Cena is the strongest guy. He stated that Cena has incomparable stability and composure. It is as if one is on top of concrete. Such statements, when coming from the World’s Largest Athlete add quite a weight to the assertion about someone’s strength. It seems even the fans wouldn’t want to doubt it.

Pro wrestling veteran believes Brock Lesnar’s star power will remain untainted

Professional wrestling is full of several instances where an old-school legend has put over a younger talent. Wrestling veteran Konnan recently shared his thoughts about how Brock Lesnar putting over Gunther in a high-profile match will not affect his star power. He made this statement in his Keepin’ It 100 podcast. The veteran feels that winning this contest would make the Ring General a bonafide star.

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar (via WWE)
You solidify Gunther as a top guy and Lesnar has shown in the past that losses don't matter. People love his mystique, and his aura, and he always brings it. They'll be interested in the next guy he wrestles.

It seems that Gunther could finally solidify his top-class status after beating the Beast Incarnate. Many fans would also love to see Lesnar in a hard-hitting rivalry that could even involve the Intercontinental Championship. It would be interesting to see how WWE will pull off this dream match in the future.


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