“Vince has took care of us” When former WWE champion talked about the passing away of a WWE star

Former WWE Champion Big Show reacts to Doink The Clown's mom's accusation of WWE not taking care of their wrestler.

Big Show WWE
Big Show has been in the main event scene multiple times in WWE
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Big Show is the world’s largest athlete and was in WWE for the last 25 years. At first, Big Show was known as The Giant which was later changed to the Big Show. He has done a lot of storylines and a lot of face and heel turns. He is not only a part of WWE but was also a part of WCW in total he has won both world championships on seven different occasions he is the only person who has won all four different types of the world championship. He is also a grand slam champion.

Big Show has won the United States Champion and Intercontinental Championship several times and won the World Tag Team Championship several times with different partners every time. Big Show left the WWE in 2021 and joined with a new name as Paul White in AEW. Paul White has not been doing a top main event storyline in AEW but has tried the company for fun.

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Big Show on Doink the Clown’s mother’s claim on WWE

Big Show WWE
Big Show has been in WWE since 1999.

Big Show revealed in an interview about Doink the Clown moms. his mom said that the untimely death of Doink the Clown was because of WWE as WWE has made him injured which lead to the death of her son. Big Show reacted to this and straight away neglected what the women said about the WWE.

Big Show straight away said that no this is not the case for everyone as this is a career which has a very dangerous chance of getting injured and making your body part sacrifice in it. Either pro wrestling sports entertainer or MMA or UFC everybody if choose these career they you are putting your body on the line.

Big Show has also shared his experience where he said that he has weak knees and back but it is still his choice to fight in the ring and still be a Sports Entertainer. Big Show also revealed that Vince McMahon has taken care of them very well and has been very careful with the wrestlers in the ring that is the reason everything is this much scripted and every single spot was planned before doing it.

Big Show also revealed how his diet is not disclosable when the interviewer asked him about this and he answer that his manager is right there and he will kill him if he discloses anything outside. The wrestler’s diet is hidden so a normal person can not try to copy it which will lead to disaster if not done professionally.

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