“Sometimes you gotta lose,” Wrestling veteran addresses reason behind WWE legend Batista’s drastic body transformation in latest picture with MrBeast

Wrestling veteran, Bill Apter, identifies professional movie goals as the reason behind Dave Bautista shedding some weight.

“Sometimes you gotta lose,” Wrestling veteran addresses reason behind WWE legend Batista’s drastic body transformation in latest picture with MrBeast

Dave Bautista and Mr Beast (via @MrBeast/'X')

MrBeast recently organized a charitable initiative that involved saving 100 rescued dogs. He also received the help of WWE legend Dave Bautista. While fans applauded the involvement of The Animal, what caught fans’ attention was the seemingly deteriorated state of the former WWE Champion. Wrestling veteran Bill Apter recently addressed the issue regarding Batista’s changed physique on WrestleBinge.


One of the participants, Mac Davis, asked others whether they had seen the recent picture of Batista. Davis suggested that it could either be a change made for an upcoming role in a movie or because of aging concerns. Apter acknowledged seeing the picture and affirmed Davis’ understanding of body transformation for a role. 

He's preparing for a role, now look Robert De Niro put on 100 pounds to play Jake LaMotta. Sometimes you gotta lose pounds to play a certain role, it's all part of the acting game.
Bill Apter on Batista’s changed physique

Davis added that there’s a difference between losing weight to be in shape and getting skinny. They affirmed that Batista is in a leaner shape that might be assisting a healthy lifestyle as well as his professional goals.

For those who don’t know, Batista’s upcoming movie will be Dune: Part Two. It would be interesting to see if the physical transformation is related to the role in that movie.


CM Punk sends a two-word message to Batista

The Second City Saint, CM Punk has been on a mission to reconnect with everyone he left behind in the past after his WWE exit. Now that he is back, he recently tried to reconnect with the Animal, Dave Bautista, by sending him a two-word message. It came as a reaction to Batista’s post that revisited his year 2023. 

CM Punk and Dave Bautista
CM Punk and Dave Bautista (via @ProWFinesse/@TheEricGoldman/’X’)

Punk went on to rekindle their bond as he wrote “Dream Chaser” after sharing the post on his Instagram story.

Many fans have started diving into their relationship and found interesting cases. Back in 2018, Batista also appeared in E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness, he went on to explain how his return had caused a lot of negative buzz. Many fans turned on him after their favorite, Bryan Danielson, fka Daniel Bryan, couldn’t manage to win the Royal Rumble.

Many fans even went on to identify Batista’s return as the causal factor for Punk’s exit. The Animal’s sentiments were hurt, and he also stated that he wasn’t a fan of how Punk exited. With the unthinkable finally being done, fans are eager to see the two once again cross each other’s paths.


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