WWE working with 33-year-old Superstar for an undisclosed Bray Wyatt project: Reports

Bo Dallas has been in circles around WWE to contribute for his late brother.

WWE working with 33-year-old Superstar for an undisclosed Bray Wyatt project: Reports

Bray Wyatt [via- WWE]

It appears like WWE has something special up their sleeves for Bray Wyatt. Despite the last year being potentially the most profitable one in the company’s history, Wyatt’s sudden demise did put operations on hold. It was recently discovered that WWE has put Bray on a legends contract and the proceedings go to his family.


In another covert yet-promising venture, the promotion called Bray’s real-life brother Bo Dallas to shoot something over the last week. As per PWInsider, the 33-year-old was interviewed for it and was even in Pittsburgh this week to film content. No other details were given apart from the mere speculation that it could be a documentary.

For the unversed, Dallas, who was believed to be unveiled as Uncle Howdy, is still under a WWE contract. The fans are eagerly waiting to see where the latest developments between Dallas and WWE lead. Back on Christmas Day in December, JoJo, who was engaged to be married to Bray Wyatt, penned a long Instagram note to disclose her struggles. She recalled how Bray had a penchant for shopping goodies, and it was all gone.

A day later, at Madison Square Garden, Seth Rollins paid tribute to Brodie Lee as well as the real-life Windham Rotunda. The entire WWE family has contributed to Wyatt’s indelible legacy. His return at Extreme Rules in 2022 was poetry in motion and brought so many lost fans together. However, it was not meant to last beyond what the fans witnessed during his second run with WWE.


Could Bray Wyatt be inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame?

This year’s WrestleMania marks the first one to not be held under a McMahon regime. And with Triple H being the man in-charge of creative, the fans hope to see Bray Wyatt’s Hall of Fame induction, then be it posthumously.

Bray Wyatt and JoJo
Bray Wyatt and JoJo [via- NY Post on X]

If that does end up being true, what a way it would be to honor the genius of Windham. Had it not been for his illness that drove him away from WWE in early 2023, there were plans to introduce a faction led by Bray at one point.

Moreover, he was on course to face Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 39. However, everything fell apart when The Eater of Worlds was pulled indefinitely. And nobody would’ve imagined that it was the last time they were watching Wyatt speak.

Anyways, the show must go on, and WWE has done some laudable work for securing the welfare of the family of the deceased soul. The fans would love to see it continue in some way.


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