“Big Ass Bobby is Bobby Lashley’s new name” – Twitter can’t keep calm as Lashley becomes the new United States Champion

WWE superstars Bobby Lashley and Theory fought each other at Money in the Bank in Las Vegas today. Lashley won the match to lift his third United States Championship title.

Bobby Lashley vs Theory
Bobby Lashley vs Theory

All eyes were on Bobby Lashley and Theory as the WWE Money in the Bank 2022 kicked off. The premium live event, being organized at a fully packed Nevada’s MGM Grand Garden Arena, has already seen some spectacular fights, including the one involving Bobby Lashley and Theory.

While Theory is known for being the favorite rising WWE superstar, when it comes to the former CEO Vince McMahon’s choice, it seems that the 24-year-old was too soft for the musclebound Bobby Lashley. He had put his WWE United States championship on the line this Saturday, and after an action-packed battle, the WWE Universe now has a new United States Champion.

What was interesting is that over the last several weeks, Theory had been hinting at his feud with John Cena in SummerSlam. But guess what, now that the 24-year-old is no more the United States Champion, there’s no reason why he would feature in a title match that Bobby Lashley holds right now. In fact, Theory looked nothing like a champion for the most part of the match.

Early on, Lashley unleashed his dominating “beast” self. The defending champion was almost trembling in fear as a result of Lashley’s early dominance over him as he ran through him.

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Why did Bobby Lashley win against Theory?

Bobby lashley posing with wwe championship belt.
Bobby lashley, after winning the WWE championship last year.

Since being recast as Mr. McMahon’s apprentice, Theory has somewhat impressed a heel. He has been a part of some of the key WWE events. He even appeared at Wrestlemania 38, where he took on Patt McAfee.

However, being young and ignorant, Theory has yet to realize his true potential. On the other hand, Bobby Lashley’s physical and mental strength are way superior to Theory. He had a terrific chance this Saturday to show his worth against Lashley. He was eyeing a clean victory against the former world champion.

However, Lashley had different plans and he emerged victorious on the big night. The two-time WWE Champion wins the United States Championship title.

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What the Twitteratti had to say about the feud?

Bobby Lashley and Theory
Bobby Lashley and Theory

It’s obvious that the WWE Universe had its eyes on this high-velocity battle between Lashley and Theory. Here is what the Twitter community had to say about WWE witnessing the rise of a new United States Champion.

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