“The Attitude Era was different”: Booker T reminisces about beating John Cena in the ring

“The Attitude Era was different”: Booker T reminisces about beating John Cena in the ring

Booker T in the ring with John Cena

Booker T recently recalled a WWE scene from the Ruthless Aggression Era in which he and William Regal put John Cena through a lot of misery. For those who don’t know, King Booker and Regal collaborated in 2006. On Edge’s orders, the pair, together with Finlay, annihilated Cena on an edition of RAW. They not only used a royal sceptre to assault the latter, but they also forced him to kiss the Hall of Famer’s feet.

On his Hall of Fame podcast, the WWE legend recounted the incident when addressing AEW Rampage’s falling numbers. AEW’s viewership, according to Booker, is mostly comprised of seasoned wrestling fans who like the diversity of bouts. The Texas Deathmatch’s blood and gore, on the other hand, may not appeal to a newer and younger audience (as it does in WWE). Booker T declared that television is no longer the same as it was during the Attitude Era, saying:


“I know there’s somebody out there that go, ‘What about the Attitude Era?’ The Attitude Era was different. A different time so I cannot compare, you know, the way it was [then]. You get canceled these days for doing some stuff in television back then. You cannot look at it [the same way] The way me and William Regal beat John Cena on television, they can’t do that today. We beat the hell outta him… it was a crime scene [laughs].” [49:05 to 49:43]

Booker T heaps praise two WWE stars

Booker T recalls beating up John Cena in the ring
Booker T vs John Cena

Booker T, a WWE icon, has heaped praise on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, predicting that they will shine this year. At this year’s WrestleMania, Owens and Zayn had high-profile feuds. The former El Generico had a spectacular encounter with actor Johnny Knoxville on night one of WrestleMania 38, when he faced the returning Stone Cold Steve Austin. Sami Zayn’s storyline with Johnny Knoxville was also praised by Booker T. Zayn and Owens, according to the WWE Hall of Famer, are capable of “changing gears” and will have a fantastic year in the organization.

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