“WWE offered a seat to a fighter who injured so badly” When Bret Hart commented on Goldberg’s induction in Hall Of Fame

Former WWE Champion Bret Hart shares his opinion on Goldberg's induction in WWE Hall Of Fame

Bret Hart
Bret Hart and Goldberg

Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart is a former WWE Champion and regarded by many as the best wrestler to ever grace the earth. Bret Hart is currently retired but he appears on WWE tapings and has also made an appearance in AEW. A second-generation superstar Bret Hart had wrestling running in his family and took to wrestling at a very early age and displayed impressive skills inside the squared circle. Bret Hart took up amateur wrestling at a very young age of 9 and went on to win numerous accolades at the school and collegiate level.

Bret Hart’s father wanted him to go to Olympics but hart was not interested in the job prospects after the international event and decided to pursue a career in professional wrestling so that his father wont be disappointed in him. Hart began working under his father at Stampede Wrestling and made his debut when he was asked to replace a wrestler who had failed to show up for a match. Hart spent 8 years at Stampede Wrestling and went on to win every possible championship that was to win the promotion.

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Bret Hart suffered a career ending injury at the hands of Goldberg

Bret Hart
Former WWE Champion Bret Hart

Stampede wrestling was acquired by WWE along with its wrestler and thus began Hart’s journey to become the best in the world. Hart made his debut for WWE in tag team matching teaming up with the Dynamite Kid. Bret Hart along with Jim Neidhart formed a faction named ‘The Hart Foundation’ and went on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship defeating The British Bulldogs. In 1991 at Summerslam Hart defeated Mr. Perfect to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

In 1992 Bret Hart defeated Ric Flair to become the WWE Champion for the first time in his career. Hart in his with WWE went on to feud with the likes of Ric Flair , Yokozuna, Jerry Lawler , Stone Cold Steve Austin over the WWE Championship.  In 1997 Hart signed for WCW while still being the WWE Champion and wanted to leave with the title but was not allowed and that led to the infamous Montreal Screwjob incident which is still one of the most controversial segements in wrestling history.

Bret Hart
Former Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart

In 1996 after joining WCW Hart was instantly pushed by the company and defeated Diamond Dallas Page to win the United States Heavyweight Championship. In 1999 Hart defeated Perry Saturn ,Sting ,Chris Benoit and Billy Kidman to win the WCW Heavyweight Championship. During this time hart also started teaming up with Goldberg and the duo went on to win the WCW Tag Team Championship. After losing the tag titles Goldberg challenged Bret Hart for the Heavyweight Championship.

During the match Hart suffered a severe concussion after being hit by a thrust kick to the head. Hart suffered numerous head blows during his match with Goldberg. Hart suffered post-concussion syndrome after the match and was eventually forced to retire from wrestling. Goldberg despite is popularity has been labelled as dangerous to work with by many wrestlers due to Goldberg’s limited in ring skills.

Bret Hart
Bret Hart

Speaking with Sean Mooney on his “Prime Time” podcast Hart shared his side of the story and went to say that he wishes Goldberg hadn’t injured him. On being asked what he thinks of Goldberg’s induction in Hall of Fame The Hit man wasn’t so sure if Goldberg deserves the spot or not :

“I wish Bill had never kicked me so hard in the head.

I don’t know how WWE offered a seat to a fighter who injured so badly. When Bill hit my head I lost $ 16 million. I signed up. for WCW for 3 years at $ 3 million a year, and two more that we had left as a second option. That football came with bad timing, and I had a lot of bad luck.”

Goldberg has been name dropped for his recklessness in the ring in recent times by Dolph Ziggler and Riddle. With an untimely injury wrestling fans were robbed of the career that could have been of Bret Hart ‘The Best there is, the best there was and best there ever will be’.

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