Multi-time Women’s Champion seemingly picks up an unfortunate injury on this week’s SmackDown

In the closing sequence of her match Charlotte Flair suffered a knee injury, that led to her getting help out of the ring.

Multi-time Women’s Champion seemingly picks up an unfortunate injury on this week’s SmackDown

An unfortunate injury to women's superstar on SmackDown? (via X)

This week’s SmackDown witnessed some of the pivotal moments heading to the Royal Rumble. It also featured a WrestleMania rematch between Asuka and Charlotte Flair. The two stars have quite a history with each other. Therefore, the match was a remarkable bout. However, during the closing sequence of the match, Flair might have injured her knee.

The Queen and the Empress of Tomorrow were involved in a grudge match. The two stars are incredibly talented, which resulted in a remarkable matchup. At the end of the match, Charlotte suffered an ugly spot on her knee, which led to her getting helped out of the ring. Moreover, it seems she might have also hurt her neck in the match, as she looked concerned after the match.


After the match was over, Flair said, “My knee,” which might be a sign of a major injury heading forward. The fans have wished the Queen a quick recovery. As of now, the nature of the injury has not been disclosed yet. Fans will be keeping an eye on any news concerning Charlotte from WWE.

The match came to its conclusion after Bayley interfered during the ending sequence to prevent Charlotte from taking a victory. Moreover, as per some speculations, WWE had plans for Flair to move forward against Iyo Sky for a Women’s Championship match at Royal Rumble heading to WrestleMania. As it looks, the match might be in jeopardy. It will be interesting to watch where the plans of WWE lead up to moving forward.

Charlotte Flair adds up as another name on the list of injured superstars

Charlotte Flair suffered a possible injury on this week’s SmackDown. The superstar had a history of injuries. However, it felt like she might have some huge plans heading to the Road to WrestleMania. As Flair is injured, she is another name on the star-studded list of WWE Superstars who are currently out of action due to injury.

Charlotte Flair
Charlotte Flair (via X)

The list includes stars like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Liv Morgan, and Sonya Deville. Apart from them, Rey Mysterio, Braun Strowman, and Shane McMahon also suffered major injuries this year, which led to them going out for a while for surgeries. Although it is still unclear how major Flair’s injury is, it is inevitable that if she’s out at this point in time, it might be a major hit for WWE.

With Royal Rumble on the horizon, the Road to WrestleMania is closer than ever. Therefore, an injury might be a huge setback for the superstar. Fans will be anticipating any news on The Queen concerning her injury suffered on SmackDown.

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