“We went places you weren’t supposed to go” How D-Gen-X went on to be the most REBELLIOUS group of WWE

D-Gen-X was started with the motive of going against the WWE management. Over time, the group gained popularity becoming the most rebellious group in WWE.

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D-Gen-X or D-Generation-X is a very well known group that was started in the late 90s in 1997. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chyna and Rick Rude started the group with the intent of leaving the already existing WWE track astray. The group dismantled for the first time in 2000. The group welcomed and bid farewell to many of the members before growing as individual players in and outside the company. 

D-Generation-X still makes the whole WWE Universe think of the greatest rebellion group that has ever existed in the company. With the complete focus on Shawn Michaels and Triple H, DX rose to do everything that was not allowed in the company. Every week at the WWE would bring a new idea by these two men that caused havoc in the working of the company. It seemed as if the two were determined enough to bring Vince McMahon to his maximum boil.

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Shawn Michaels opens up about D-Gen-X


A lot of it is being young, immature, and the one thing that you do have when you are that is you’re not afraid of being let go or getting fired or getting in trouble,” Shawn had once said. DX started with two wrestlers frustrated with being felt useless in the company. They felt their talent was not being used profitably. Moreover, they wanted to do something creative.

The people in the company were quite scared of the management and followed its guidelines blindly. They worked on the single line of rules and did not go beyond the contract Triple H and Shawn Michaels started creating their own way in their run in the company. The introduction of Chyna in the team led to passing of power in the hands of female wrestlers as well.

The team was nevertheless appreciated by the audience. Despite having an explicit way of performing, the team was very well liked by the viewers. The management also couldn’t do much for they would not pay heed to what the management’s words. Whatever they expected from the company in their days, they are giving it back for its popularity among the WWE Universe.

The leaders of the D-Gen-X have achieved what they wanted and are continuing to do so. Triple H’s thinking about the WWE’s rating was clear since then. His present control over the company was indeed creating waves among the uninvolved audience. Shawn Michaels is also responsible for adding a creative touch to the WWE NXT. 

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