35-year-old Superstar sends a single-word message after betraying Bayley on this week’s SmackDown

Dakota Kai is unhinged following her heel turn on SmackDown.

35-year-old Superstar sends a single-word message after betraying Bayley on this week’s SmackDown

Bayley getting betrayed by her own stablemates [via- WWE]

Things just keep getting out of control for Bayley. If what the Damage CTRL did to her a few weeks ago wasn’t enough, The Role Model was left high and dry once again this week. Midway through her tag team match against Kairi Sane and Asuka, Bayley saw Dakota Kai, who was acting as her bestie up until now, back out. Just when the ex-Damage CTRL leader was about to tag Kai into the match, the latter displayed her true colors.

It led to a 4-on-1 beatdown on Bayley, with Iyo Sky nailing the last shot on the former Hugger. After betraying the latter, Dakota Kai took to X and had a single-word reaction to her actions: “cry.” That’s right. The former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion has no guilt for what she did at all. Last week on SmackDown, when Dakota faked an ambush from the Damage CTRL, Bayley was the first one to check on her.

The Women’s Royal Rumble winner felt she should’ve had Kai’s back. Of course, the former was incognizant of the Kiwi superstar’s malignity towards her. And now, it’s plain and simple. The Iyo Sky-led Damage CTRL is on a mission to sabotage Bayley’s first singles encounter at WrestleMania. In the upcoming weeks, Dakota is expected to provide a rationale behind her unceremonious exploits.

Dakota Kai on X

The mouthpiece for Sky and company could play a pivotal role in determining Bayley’s fate in Philadelphia. The latter is scheduled to wrestle Iyo Sky for the Women’s Championship. The odds are completely stacked against Bayley. She’s in dire need of someone to have her back against the formidable quartet of The Damage CTRL.

Could Jade Cargill be the one to help Bayley combat the Damage CTRL?

After Dakota Kai executed her plan to perfection on SmackDown, she was strolling around backstage with her girls. And that’s where they came across Jade Cargill. The former AEW TBS Champion was seen alongside Nick Aldis as they had something to discuss.

Jade Cargill and Bayley
Jade Cargill and Bayley [via WWE]

But the way Cargill stared at Sky’s Women’s title implied that she might be after it sooner than later. And this could be the silver lining Bayley would hope lands in her favor. It would be interesting to see how often Jade Cargill interacts with the Damage CTRL en route to WrestleMania XL.

The free agent has yet to be assigned to a brand, and she’s currently exploring options. Who knows if SmackDown’s GM, Nick Aldis, allures her to sign with the blue brand with a shot at women’s gold up for grabs?

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