“Disaster of a wedding”: Dana Brooke apologizes to the WWE Universe

“Disaster of a wedding”: Dana Brooke apologizes to the WWE Universe


Dana Brooke, real name Ashley Sebera, is a professional wrestler – currently performing on WWE RAW. In addition to this, she is also a bodybuilder, gymnast, fitness competitor and a model. She has been with the company for nearly a decade now, having signed the contract in 2013. In the initial phase of her career, Brooke was performing on NXT, along side Emma.

When she moved to the main roster in 2016 – she started associating herself with Charlotte Flair. For a brief period, she was also a part of the Titus Worldwide – which included Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil. One of the most notable feuds of her career came against Sasha Banks and Bayley – when she was teamed up with Lacey Evans.


Until Mandy Rose was sent back to NXT, Brooke was in a Tag Team with her. But earlier this year – she went solo and went on to win her first WWE title. Dana Brooke is currently in her third reign as the 24/7 Champion. But more interestingly, she was all set to have her wedding on the latest episode of RAW.

On the latest episode of RAW, Dana Brooke was a part of the Double Commitment ceremony. While Brooke was getting married to Reggie, Tamina was all set to get married to Akira Tozawa. But the event was marred by a series of pinfalls for the 24/7 Championship – which ultimately ended with Brooke walking out as the Champion again.

The 24/7 Champion took to Twitter to apologize to the WWE Universe for the disaster of a wedding – and informed that she was spending valuable time with her 24/7 title. “I sincerely apologize to the WWE Universe & USA Network for such a disaster of a wedding!!! I am heartbroken but spending valuable time w/…my 24:7 title!” – she tweeted.


Dana Brooke won the 24/7 Championship again

dana brooke
Double Commitment Ceremony

The rules for the 24/7 Championship were put on hold throughout the wedding – but as soon as Reggie and Dana Brooke got married – Reggie pinned her to win the title. The other bride of the night, Tamina then pinned Reggie to win the title.

Soon enough, Akira Tozawa saw an opportunity and pinned her bride to win the title. Ultimately, Brooke went flying off the top rope to win the title back. She then ran off with R-Truth. The segment was quite goofy and did not have much to get the WWE Universe excited, The company has tried their best to make the title interesting – but it no longer seems to be fun.

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