Dave Bautista goes down the memory lane revealing the time he dressed up as Gene Simmons, courtesy of his awful plastic Halloween costumes

Gene Simmons impacted Dave Bautista as a kid when the latter dressed up like the Kiss star on Halloween.

Dave Bautista goes down the memory lane revealing the time he dressed up as Gene Simmons, courtesy of his awful plastic Halloween costumes

Dave Bautista reveals dressing up like Gene Simmons [via- Digital Spy on X]

Former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista didn’t do anything too outlandish for Halloween. However, he did become reminiscent while sharing his younger memories of the same. In a short clip posted on his X account, the 54-year-old Hollywood sensation revealed the icons whom he dressed up like back in the day. At first, Dave recalled cosplaying MMA expert Bruce Lee.


However, then came the part when The Animal took everyone back to the late 1970s, where he put on some awful plastic Halloween costume to be like Gene Simmons. Although he wasn’t sure about this one, Dave said he might still have Spider-Man’s costume at his place. In a nutshell, a young Dave Bautista had that glow in his eyes to boast different incarnations on the eve of Halloween.

I definitely dressed up like Bruce Lee when I was a little kid. But I also remember when I was a little kid, I dressed up as Gene Simmons, and that might have been like 1977 or 78 but I had one of those awful cheap plastic Halloween costumes of Gene Simmons. Trying to think of what else I dressed this Spiderman as an adult. And I'm still not positive, but I may have a Spiderman costume in the other room.
Dave Bautista via X

Nonetheless, it would be enough for his fans to digest. Ever since announcing his wrestling retirement on a permanent basis, the Washington-based actor has been involved with multiple projects. That theory is not active at the moment due to the ongoing tensions within SAG-AFTRA.


There were rumors of him possibly making an appearance for WWE in the meantime. However, it did not come to fruition. Dave is enjoying his time in Hollywood and only continues to grow in stature. Recently, current AEW Superstar Chris Jericho rated Dave Bautista at the top of the list of wrestler-turned-actors, which also included Dwayne Johnson and John Cena

Dave Bautista recently attended the Tampa Bay Bucs game

Since he’s not involved in burdensome shoots for now, Dave Bautista seems to be having fun. A few days ago, he was alongside WWE’s Global Ambassador, Titus O’Neil, to support the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Raymond James Stadium.

Dave Bautista and Titus O'Neill
Dave Bautista and Titus O’Neil at the Tampa Bucks game [via- Dave Bautista on X]

Both Dave and Titus were pumped up for the highly anticipated clash between the Tampa Bay Bucs and Atlanta Falcons. Even though the home side ended up losing 13-16 against the Falcons, Batista and O’Neil had a blast in the stands. The mentioned WWE names share a wholesome relationship, as they’ve been best friends for a very long time.

Back in December 2022, when SmackDown rolled through Washington, DC, Bautista was there backstage. He clicked some photos with Titus O’Neill before having a small conversation with Triple H. It will be interesting to see if he ever comes back to the Stamford-based promotion.


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