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“He’s already angry at me, he’s going to KILL” Goldberg recalls the grave heat he had with Chris Jericho

Goldberg has had many dangerous matches in his professional career. Recently, he revealed his most dangerous match that he ever had with Chris Jericho.

Goldberg with Chris Jericho

Goldberg has been one of the strongest wrestlers of all time. His contribution to the wrestling industry has been quite a lot and this has earned him massive respect from the audience. The 55 year old superstar is still active in the ring and has given jaw dropping matches in the history of WWE. His return to the company in 2016 after a gap of 12 years proved to be very successful.

Goldberg has been involved in various rivalries both on and off the screen. His matches with Brock Lesnar have remained a treat to the eyes for the viewers. He is a person with quite an aggressive nature towards his match. He also had once thought of hurting his opponent in one of his matches.

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Goldberg had some deadly match moments in his career


Goldberg has played many dangerous matches in his career. For this reason, he also came to be known as the ‘Unsafe Worker’. Recently, on Talk Is Jericho, he talked of his nature. He confessed that the only person he ever tried to hurt was Chris Jericho. 

Goldberg and Jericho wanted to get involved with each other for a long time but the match couldn’t be planned. Resulting the two meeting each other outside the ring. He was speared by Jericho down the aisle. He considers the day to be one of the most terrifying days. He thought that Chris was so angry at him and he was going to kill him. “Obviously, you didn’t, but that thing was f*cking six feet down the damn ramp,” said Goldberg.

He further adds on and said that he could have hurt every person possible in the ring but he never did. He feels that at the end of the day, it’s about the human nature we all possess. The WWE Universe fails to see the moments in which one person helps his opponents. For this reason, he has a bad reputation in the company for his deadly matches.

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