WATCH: “That’s Lose Wayne”- Guy dressed as Batman gets knocked out cold after receiving a WWE-like finisher in street fight

Batman got laid down by a man on the streets after the two got involved in vicious hand-to-hand combat.

WATCH: “That’s Lose Wayne”- Guy dressed as Batman gets knocked out cold after receiving a WWE-like finisher in street fight

Kurt Angle and Big Show (Image via: X)

Batman is one of the most widely popular superheroes. He is famous for his sharp mind and incredible fighting skills. However, it is not true for a man who was dressed as Batman.

In a hilarious video surfacing on the internet, a man can be seen beating another man dressed as the Dark Knight using a WWE-like finishing maneuver.


In the video, a man wearing a white shirt and another wearing a Batman costume are brawling on a street. The two punched each other before the white-shirt man took the upper hand. As soon as the man took advantage, he delivered a devastating side slam to Batman, which shocked fans all over the internet.

Furthermore, he went on delivering some vicious punches to the guy dressed as Batman until she got knocked out cold. The move looks similar to the body slam used by John Cena in his famous Five Star Knuckle Shuffle. Moreover, the movie also looked similar to Kurt Angle‘s famous Angle Slam, which he uses in WWE.

People have been using several WWE moves in their social lives. Recently, a man delivered an Undertaker Chokeslam to another man in a hotel. Moreover, it is unclear where the street fight video is based. However, it is generating a lot of buzz on the internet, as a normal person is beating the iconic superhero Batman to a pulp.


WWE-like finisher to Batman grabbed the attention of wrestling fans all over the world

The aforementioned video features a brawl between two men in which one is dressed as Batman. Fans have been hilariously trolling the video, as one fan called the Batman cosplayer Lose Wayne instead of Bruce Wayne. Moreover, another fan claimed that Batman might have gone rogue. Therefore, he is attacking the pedestrian.

BATMAN (Image via: Open source)

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:

Moreover, an X user named this Batman from Walmart, while another praised the man and asked people to acknowledge him. In addition to that, another X user named the cosplayer Badman. In essence, a fan pointed out the Angle Slam inspiration and asked the white-shirt man if he was a Kurt Angle fan. People are hilariously taking shots on the video and making fun of Batman throughout.


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