John Cena credits an AEW star for his successful WWE career

John Cena praises his former co-worker for being his biggest supporter and helping him have a successful career in WWE.

John Cena credits an AEW star for his successful WWE career

John Cena lifts Edge and Big Show (via Twitter)

In an interview, 16-time World Champion John Cena talked about fellow WWE alumni Big Show, a.k.a. Paul Wight Jr. The Cenation leader credited Wight for his successful career as a WWE superstar. John Cena stated that Big Show was one of the very few people who believed in Cena’s potential to shine as a star.

Big Show debuted in WWE in 1999 at the St. Valentine’s Massacre. He had jumped ship from WCW, where he was a part of nWo, and got famous as “The Giant.” Show went on to win multiple championships in the company and have many memorable feuds. It includes feuds with John Cena, Triple H, Kane, and The Undertaker. The 7-foot giant had an illustrious career in WWE before he signed with AEW in 2021.


While answering fan questions at the ’92NY’ event, John Cena talked about how Big Show played an important role in shaping his career. He said that he also had many great conversations with Show over the years that they worked together. “He is a kind and gentle giant, a giving giant,” Cena added.

John Cena praised Big Show and admired him for believing in him. The two superstars had a lot of memorable moments in the industry. The WWE Universe has always loved Paul Wight for his incredible WWE run. However, one of the most memorable phases of Big Show’s WWE career came when he won the World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena debuted in WWE in 2002 and was the top guy for the company until 2017. He later moved on to better opportunities in Hollywood. The former WWE Champion achieved success in movies like Suicide Squad, Peacemaker, and The Fast and Furious series. On the other hand, Big Show had sporadic appearances in WWE until 2021.


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Paul Wight’s new role in AEW

paul wight
Paul Wight signed with AEW in 2021 (via AEW)

After being loyal to WWE for over two decades, Paul Wight Jr. signed with All Elite Wrestling in February 2021. This was seen as a significant move, as Wight has been with WWE since 1999. When Big Show first debuted in AEW, he announced that he had also bought a Hall of Fame worthy talent that is a huge surprise and asset.

This would later turn out to be the debut of Christian Cage in AEW. The company later announced that Wight will primarily be a color commentator on AEW Dark: Elevation, alongside fellow WCW alumni Tony Schiavone. Apart from making regular appearance on the YouTube, Big Show, the 7ft giant is also a part-time performer. He wrestled QT Marshall at All Out 2021.


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