“They spit in your face!”- WWE Universe reacts to Iyo Sky’s chat getting leaked online ahead of her WrestleMania match

Bayley took the next step in the rivalry as she leaked major chats of herself with Iyo Sky.

“They spit in your face!”- WWE Universe reacts to Iyo Sky’s chat getting leaked online ahead of her WrestleMania match

Iyo Sky (via Pinterest)

The bad blood between Iyo Sky and Bayley has been at an all-time high. It has become a personal affair where the two stars want to prove their supremacy over each other. Amid the heat between the two former Damage CTRL members, The Role Model has leaked some chats between herself and the champion.


With the look and timing of the conversation, it can be figured out that this is text long before the formation of Damage CTRL. These texts reveal that Bayley approached the Genius of the Sky to form the faction. It also mentions Dakota Kai as well. Bayley posted these texts to show that she was the one who brought Kai and Sky to the main roster.

Five months after these texts, Iyo Sky, alongside The Role Model and Kai, made her main roster debut at SummerSlam 2022. The trio entered the fray as one unit called the Damage CTRL. All three superstars went on to achieve the epitome of their careers thereafter. Besides, the Genius of the Sky also won the women’s title one year later.

However, after being on the good books of each other for so long, Bayley and Sky are at loggerheads now. In essence, the third pillar of the group, Dakota Kai, has also joined forces with the Japanese Superstar. It will all come down to WrestleMania, where Bayley will finally get her hands on Sky for the Women’s Championship.


Wrestling fans reacted to Iyo Sky’s chats getting leaked

WrestleMania is just two weeks away. With the show being so close, fans reacted vigorously to Bayley, leaking Iyo Sky’s chats. One user on X quoted the famous phrase, calling Sky and Dakota Kai traitors. Another user called it the start of a beautiful thing.

Bayley and Iyo Sky
Bayley and Iyo Sky (via WWE)

However, one person pointed out a different observation about The Role Model hiding Vince McMahon‘s name. Moreover, the majority of the fans claimed that the Royal Rumble winner would be walking out of ‘Mania as the champion. Here are the top reactions of the fans:

Furthermore, a few more users reminisced about the time when Damage CTRL was together. Besides, fans expressed their expectations and hype heading to WrestleMania for the mega match. It is going to be interesting to see the outcome of the match when Bayley and Sky go toe-to-toe against each other in a few days.

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