“I did what I had to do,” Jade Cargill reveals how people reacted backstage after she decided to leave AEW

Jade Cargill has finally arrived in the WWE as an official member of the SmackDown roster.

“I did what I had to do,” Jade Cargill reveals how people reacted backstage after she decided to leave AEW

Jade Cargill (via WWE)

Jade Cargill became a very big name in AEW. In fact, many were under the assumption that AEW president Tony Khan would never let go of such a valuable asset. However, the whole wrestling fraternity was shocked to learn about her departure from AEW. Therefore, given her stance in the Jacksonville-based company, the backstage reaction must have been quite shocking and despicable, one might think.


The recently arrived star recently broke her silence on how AEW personnel actually reacted to her leaving. The 31-year-old, while speaking with Fightful, asserted how it is all about business, and everyone was happy for her to leave. She added how some might have guessed she would transition to the WWE upon departing from AEW.

Everybody was very elated for me, whether they figured something out or not. Like, I have friends here, I have friends over there. I just want to see everybody excel and make money. Like, we all want to make money and create a name for ourselves and help out the next generation of wrestlers that want to adopt this sport.
Jade Cargill about her AEW departure

Jade Cargill revealed that she still maintains a good relationship with a lot of people in AEW and has friends in WWE as well. Furthermore, the Florida native stated how she wishes her friends to excel and aim to bag bigger numbers in their contracts. The big Superstar continued on how she wants to help out the younger generation of aspiring wrestlers in her career as well.

The pop that the inaugural and longest-reigning AEW TBS Champion got was deafening on SmackDown. Moreover, she displayed raw strength as she single-handedly dismantled 3/4 of Damage CTRL. She laid out the most dominant faction in the women’s division like it was child’s play. Big Jade debuted in the Royal Rumble match and gave a stellar performance. Now, she is set to make her WrestleMania debut in a week.


Does Jade Cargill’s arrival mean the end of Iyo Sky’s title reign?

Before Jade Cargill was signed to SmackDown, she surprised Damage CTRL’s Iyo Sky while looming backstage on the blue brand. The Women’s Champion gave a long warning to The Storm, indicating not to mess with her group. 

Iyo Sky and Bayley
Iyo Sky vs. Bayley (via WWE)

Sky will defend her coveted title against the former leader of Damage CTRL, Bayley, at WrestleMania XL. Earlier, the odds were stacked against her as she was attacked by the group week after week. However, now, there’s a ray of hope in The Role Model’s attempt to dethrone the Genius of Sky. Not only The EST and Naomi, but a certain Storm has cleared the fog on Bayley’s path to success.

It is somewhat evident that Sky would have her stablemates ready to save her coveted title at ‘Mania. With Bianca Belair, Naomi, and Cargill feuding with Dakota Kai, Asuka, and Kairi Sane, it is safe to assume they might provide backup for Bayley. Needless to say, the Japanese wrestler’s days as champion might be numbered.

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