John Cena reacts to CM Punk’s shocking WWE return after almost 10 years at Survivor Series 

John Cena shares a post on his social media in acknowledgment of CM Punk's breathtaking WWE return.

John Cena reacts to CM Punk’s shocking WWE return after almost 10 years at Survivor Series 

John Cena and CM Punk (via WWE)

The Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk, made his jaw-dropping WWE comeback this Saturday at Survivor Series 2023. The former WWE Champion sent the entire Allstate Arena crowd into a frenzy. Punk’s mind-blowing return has elicited reactions from a number of wrestling peers, including John Cena. Following the Saturday night PLE, Cena reacted to his former rival’s return on social media.

CM Punk made his historic comeback to WWE for the first time in almost a decade. Reacting to the unforgettable moment, The Franchise Player shared a post acknowledging the WWE return of the Second City Saint. He uploaded a photo of Punk sitting in his trademark cross-legged posture.

Cena, as usual, added no caption, but it is safe to assume that the superstar is subtly welcoming Punk back to WWE. Moreover, CM Punk has accredited John Cena as his best opponent throughout his WWE career. The two men battled each other at Money in The Bank in 2011. Their sensational championship bout went on to become the first-ever five-star match for the company in over 15 years.

The two men ran it back in February 2013 in a No. 1 contender match to face the Rock at WrestleMania. Punk has described the said Raw match as his favorite match in WWE. He had major praise for the Franchise Player for allowing him to do a piledriver, a banned move in WWE, on him. With the return of the Second City Saint, it remains to be seen whether fans will see a reunion of the former rivals in the future.

CM Punk emulates the signature pose of Randy Orton

The last 20 minutes of the Survivor Series were pure madness. WWE did the unthinkable and brought back CM Punk to the company after ten long years. The Straight Edge Superstar came out at the very end of the Survivor Series 2023. As a show of mutual respect, Punk emulated Randy Orton‘s iconic pose while standing on the ramp.

CM Punk
CM Punk at Survivor Series 2023 (via X)

The 45-year-old came out of the gorilla as soon as his heavy metal theme, “Cult of Personality,” hit the Allstate Arena. The Chicago crowd welcomed their hometown hero with a roar of cheers. The whole arena erupted in CM Punk chants as the superstar imbibed the adulation. However, all the superstars from the ringside seemed visibly livid at Punk’s comeback, except for the Viper.

The Apex Predator grabbed a chair and perched atop it to witness CM Punk’s homecoming. Later, he emulated the Second City Saint’s signature “It’s clobberin’ time” pose, while Punk, in response, did the former’s entrance pose. Later, as a symbol of mutual respect, the two superstars waved at each other. It would be intriguing to see whether the two men interact in the upcoming Raw episode.

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