“And that’s a part of wrestling”- Former Intercontinental Champion shares about the advice he got from John Cena

Former Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin talks about the guidance that Former WWE Champion and Hollywood star John Cena gave him.

John Cena in WWE
John Cena in WWE
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John Cena is one of the greatest wrestlers ever to have set foot in the squared circle. John Cena’s charisma in the company is unmatchable and he managed to captivate the crowd from all over the world through his incredible performances on mic and in the ring. John Cena is today known to those who aren’t aware of WWE much, which proves the fact that why Cena was termed as the face of the company. John has been an inspiration to many through his Never Give Up attitude and his Philanthropic Work outside of the WWE.

John Cena recently honored for completing 20 years with the WWE and made an appearance on RAW. He asserted that he is definitely not done with wrestling but doesn’t know when he will be back in the ring. The Cenation Leader competed in his last match against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam in 2021, where he lost the bout to Reigns. Cena being busy in his successful movie career has been a part timer since 2017. John Cena has had an acclaimed movie career and has garnered positive reviews for his performances in the movies. He played the titular character in the TV series Peacemaker and has been renewed for a second season.

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John Cena had stated that he hates giving advices

John Cena and Shelton Benjamin at backstage
John Cena and Shelton Benjamin at backstage in mid 2000s

In May of this year, John Cena appeared on ‘In the Envelope: The Actor’s Podcast. According to John Cena, he detests offering people advice since each person must choose their own path. If young performers are concerned, he advised them to perform really well since this will open doors and provide a great place to start. Cena pointed to his experience of not being chosen in the first pick of the WWE and claimed that everyone will get a second opportunity.

John Cena stated that he was their last selection and was about to be dismissed, but was given another opportunity. Cena stated that after being selected, he competed on WWE’s Saturday night show before being recruited to SmackDown. After being drafted to SmackDown, there was no turning back. He emerged as the architect and a pivotal personality of the Ruthless Aggression Era and played a crucial role over the following ten years.

Shelton Benjamin recently discussed the 2019 film “Fighting with My Family” while assessing wrestling sequences for the Insider. While doing so, he mentioned John Cena and spoke about the advice he got from him. Benjamin said that he and Cena began their careers together and recalled asking John Cena once about his knack for doing the finest promos. He reported that John responded by claiming to spend his entire day talking to himself while gazing in the mirror.

John Cena on his 20th anniversary celebration on RAW.
John Cena on his 20th anniversary celebration on RAW.

According to Benjamin, the majority of wrestlers miss this point and conclude that it is all about the maneuvers while in fact, it is not. Benjamin concluded by saying that he has seen a million of elbow drops but when Macho man did it, it was unique.

“I started with John Cena and I remember asking him, ‘How did you get so good at what we call cutting promos?’ And John said, ‘I basically just sit at home all day and talk to myself in the mirror.’ And that’s a part of wrestling that I think a lot of aspiring wrestlers don’t get. They assume it’s the moves. It’s never the moves. I’ve seen a million elbow drops, but for some reason when the Macho Man does it, it’s something special.”

Benjamin is currently signed to WWE and was a part of the faction Hurt Business. He ended his association with the faction after losing against Cedric Alexander on an edition of RAW in August.

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