Kurt Angle Congratulates John Cena on completing 20 years with WWE

Former WWE Champion Kurt Angle wishes John Cena on completing twenty years in the company

John Cena and Kurt Angle
John Cena and Kurt Angle

John Felix Anthony Cena well known around the world as John Cena is wrestler turned actor who has popularly played Peace Maker in DC’s Suicide Squad. Cena who was a professional body builder decided to pursue wrestling as career in 1999 and started training in Ultimate Pro Wrestling. Cena would later go on become the UPW Heavyweight Champion. In 2000 John Cena made an appearance in WWE wrestling a dark match on Smackdown against Mikey Richardson which he ended up losing. Cena officially signed with WWE under a developmental contract which saw him move to OVW.

During his time in OVW John Cena would go on to become OVW Heavyweight Champion and  OVW Southern Tag Team Champion for three months and two months respectively. During this period Cena started appearing on house shows and would wrestle dark matches. John Cena was called up to the main roster in 2002 alongside Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and Batista. “OVW 4” is what they would be eventually called as part of the OVW’s now legendary Class of 2002.

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John Cena and Theory might come face each other at Summerslam for the US title

John Cena
16 time WWE Champion John Cena

In June of 2002 Kurt Angle was issuing open challenge to anyone on the roster and on an episode of Smackdown it was answered by a debuting Cena. John Cena answered Angle’s call and on being asked which quality makes him unique John Cena answered ‘Ruthless Aggression’ and proceeded to punch Kurt Angle. John Cena would go on to lose the match but garnered appreciation from everyone backstage for him impressive showing.

Cena after his debut in 2002 would go on to become a household in wrestling. John Cena during his time in the WWE would go on to become a record equalling 16 time WWE Champion, a five time United Sates Champion , a four time Tag Team Champion. John Cena played a pivotal role in making WWE global as Cena was the face of the company for the longest period of time.

Cena is set to complete his 20 years with the WWE and is also set to appear on Raw for celebrating the same. Kurt Angle who was Cena’s first opponent in WWE took to twitter and congratulated Cena on 20 successful years in WWE. The WWE  Hall of Famer posted a video on twitter showering his praise for the 16 time WWE Champion in his signature style.

John Cena is coming back to WWE and we just might get to see him action against Theory with whom Cena has been going back and forth on social media for quite sometime.

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