LA Knight height: How tall is the Megastar?

Let's take a glance to find out how tall the self-proclaimed Megastar LA Knight truly is.

LA Knight height: How tall is the Megastar?

LA Knight (via USA Network)

LA Knight, born Shaun Ricker, is one of the hottest superstars in all of WWE right now. In a mere span of a year and a half, the 41-year-old went from portraying a heel manager character to becoming red-hot among the WWE Universe. Other than his apparent mic skills and charisma, what sets the Megastar apart is his incredibly tall and imposing figure.


The self-proclaimed Megastar stands at an impressive height of 6 feet, 1 inch. However, the superstar doesn’t allow his height to hinder his performance. The 41-year-old not only possesses towering height, but he is also one of the most muscular wrestlers on the roster right now. For his age, the Megastar has maintained a robust and jacked physique.

LA Knight is the perfect balance of exceptional mic skills, athleticism, and effortless charisma. The superstar’s unique blend of in-ring psychology and promo skills brings a reinvigorated feel of the Attitude Era to his persona. Through his undeniable charisma and character work, the 41-year-old has won himself over the WWE Universe on his merit.

The Megastar was moved up to the main roster in early 2022. Upon his arrival, he was assigned the role of talent manager under the new ring name “Max Dupri.” He was in charge of the Maximum Male Model group. After a few months, Knight abandoned his stablemates and reverted to his former ring identity, “LA Knight.” What transpired after the Maximum Male Models disintegrated is a success tale for the ages.


Is LA Knight the tallest superstar in WWE today?

WWE has historically been a realm of behemoths. Throughout eras, the company has pushed superstars who are gifted with formidable height and physique. From Andre the Giant to Kane, several superstars have achieved success in the company, mainly due to their staggering height.

LA Knight, on the other hand, is not in the same boat. Knight is not even among the top five tallest WWE superstars today, let alone the tallest man.

LA Knight
LA Knight (via Sports Illustrated)

In contrast to the past, a wrestler’s success does not correlate with their size or height. Nonetheless, a person’s looks and physique undoubtedly contribute to creating an impression on the audience. Perhaps LA Knight is not the tallest wrestler on the roster.

However, his 6 feet 1-inch height and hunky build are more than sufficient to make him appealing to the larger audience in WWE.


Other physical specimens on the roster, however, stand out due to their unbelievable stature and build. One of the tallest superstars on the roster is the Scottish Warrior, Drew McIntyre, who boasts a height of 6 feet 5 inches. Damian Priest of The Judgment Day is another tall superstar in the company today, standing at 6 feet, and 7 inches.

With a towering 7 feet, 3 inches height, The Nigerian giant, Omos is the tallest superstar in all of WWE. Omos has dexterously utilized his gargantuan height and size to physically overpower his opponents. 

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