“I will own your a**,” LA Knight set to make his WrestleMania debut against former WWE Champion following resounding promo on SmackDown

The Megastar is finally headed to WrestleMania.

“I will own your a**,” LA Knight set to make his WrestleMania debut against former WWE Champion following resounding promo on SmackDown

LA Knight on SmackDown [via- WWE]

The hide-and-seek games between LA Knight and AJ Styles met their judgment day on SmackDown. They’re now set to battle at WrestleMania 40. As it happened last night, The Megastar was back at what he does best, and that’s to verbally joust with his foes. He condemned Styles over his subterfuge that’s been aching him of late.

Knight asked Styles to come out and humble him face-to-face, as the latter had called for it last week. But AJ didn’t respond. The Defiant One said he knew that’s exactly what Styles was going to do. He then proclaimed that The Phenomenal One wasn’t big enough for this ride. The former Max Dupri called AJ the “Old Napoleon Styles” and said he’s out there making all the empty threats.

The then-Eli Drake wondered why Styles couldn’t show up on SmackDown in Memphis when he traveled across the globe to Perth to cost him at the Elimination Chamber. He even called AJ the biggest mark walking over there. And finally, the 41-year-old ex-TNA Superstar issued a challenge to Styles.

I might not own the place but at WrestleMania, I will own your a**.
LA Knight to AJ Styles on SmackDown

It was for a match at The Grandest Stage of Them All. LA closed out his tyrannical speech by saying that he’s going to own Styles’ a** at WrestleMania. Just when everyone thought it was over, AJ Styles, the former OC leader, blindsided Knight from behind.

He cracked LA’s back with a steel chair and sat over his carcass while accepting the offer to battle him at The Showcase of the Immortals. It’s going to be the WrestleMania debut for LA Knight. Meanwhile, AJ Styles is a veteran and has competed at multiple editions of the pop-culture extravaganza.

LA Knight has addressed Kevin Nash’s contentious stance of him

It took months of swiveling for LA Knight to hold his own at the highest level in WWE. But back when he was finding his footing on the main roster, the 2023 Slim Jim Battle Royal winner had to bear fair ounces of criticism.

LA Knight
LA Knight [via- WWE]

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash was one of Knight’s biggest naysayers. He even called The Megastar nothing more than The Rock‘s rip-off. Recently, the man at gunpoint, LA Knight, responded to Nash’s remarks about him. The former said he hasn’t had any conversations with Kevin over what he said.

However, the latter’s friends did reach out to The Defiant One and asked not to take Nash’s two cents by heart. The SmackDown Superstar accused Big Daddy Cool of taking food off his table by saying it’s a piece of sh*t move.

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