Logan Paul and KSI address fan backlash after record-breaking sponsorship deal between PRIME and WWE

PRIME will act as WWE's first ever in-ring sponsor starting with WrestleMania 40.

Logan Paul and KSI address fan backlash after record-breaking sponsorship deal between PRIME and WWE

Logan Paul and KSI (via WWE and PRIME)

On last week’s episode of SmackDown, Logan Paul kicked off the show to announce a historic sponsorship deal between his beverage company, PRIME, and WWE. This partnership will come into effect at WrestleMania 40. However, following the revelation, the majority of fans online expressed their disappointment. As such, Paul and his partner in PRIME, KSI, addressed the backlash on social media.

During the latest edition of Impaulsive, Paul explained how elated he was to secure the deal. Moreover, they became the first in-ring sponsors of the TKO era. In its entire history, WWE, more precisely, Vince McMahon, banished the idea of putting brands in the ring. As a result, fans got used to the fact as well. Now, the deal between PRIME and WWE will see every PLE have the in-ring sponsor of the former brand. 

Paul claimed that he saw the opportunity under the new regime to ensure that his company would secure the sponsorship. In addition to that, Logan Paul thought that this was a way for him to garner more “heat” from the WWE Universe. The Maverick told the fans to be patient, as they would eventually get used to the new change. Later, KSI and Paul shared a laugh as they acknowledged the memes that came on social media. 

That spot was going to be sold. We saw an opportunity, and potentially an opportunity to make people hate me even more, because I am a heel. And that’s kind of the angle I took.
Logan Paul on the fan backlash after PRIME-WWE deal

Most notably, the ones that were about the PRIME sponsor ruining WWE’s biggest moments. Mick Foley shared a similar meme where the in-ring brand “ruins” his infamous Hell In A Cell bout against The Undertaker. Needless to say, fans can only wait and see how this deal plays out as the promotion moves toward a new era.

Will KSI accompany Logan Paul at WrestleMania 40?

As the PRIME deal starts at WrestleMania 40, it would be great for WWE to have KSI alongside Logan Paul at the event. The latter is obviously expected to defend his United States Championship on the show. Moreover, The Maverick is poised to square off against Kevin Owens and Randy Orton. After the events that transpired on SmackDown, KSI accompanying his business partner is a huge possibility.

KSI and Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39
KSI and Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39 (via WWE)

During the podcast, the British YouTuber likened himself to Shane McMahon as someone who takes bumps on WWE programming. Last year at WrestleMania, Paul accidentally delivered a frog splash on him through the announce table. 

While he seemingly refuted any speculation of a future WWE run, the Sidemen member may appear sporadically at major events. As for The Maverick, The Viper will lie and wait on this week’s edition of SmackDown, vying to take revenge for costing him a world title bout.

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