WATCH: Match ends abruptly on Raw Day 1 after 33-year-old suffers scary injury

Giovanni Vinci might have suffered a possible concussion, forcing the referee to stop the match-up.

WATCH: Match ends abruptly on Raw Day 1 after 33-year-old suffers scary injury

Giovanni Vinci and Kofi Kingston (via @WrestleOps/X)

This week’s Raw witnessed some pivotal moments heading forward. The show was a special edition episode named “Day 1” that had a stacked match card. The edition featured a tag team match between the team of Jey Uso and Kofi Kingston vs. Imperium. However, a decent match suffered an obnoxious ending as the match was stopped after Giovanni Vinci suffered an injury.


During the match, Kofi and Vinci were tagged in and were having an incredible exchange of back-and-forth action. As Vinci went up to deliver a dropkick, there was a bungle that led to the latter landing flat on the mat. This move may have hurt Giovanni’s head, making the referee stop the match.

The injury was legitimate, as the match was stopped immediately. Moreover, head injuries lead to possible concussions that are not taken lightly by WWE’s medical officials. Kofi and Jey were declared winners of the match-up. Although it was a botch, it looked scary during the live broadcast.

Furthermore, it looks like Giovanni Vinci will be back soon. This type of injury doesn’t have any long-lasting effects. In terms of the storyline, Imperium has suffered yet another defeat in the absence of Ring General Gunther. It is going to be interesting to see how he is going to react upon his return.


Kofi Kingston breaks unique five-year streak at WWE Raw Day 1

Kofi Kingston is a veteran of professional wrestling. He has won multiple championships in WWE, including the WWE Championship. On WWE Raw Day 1, Kofi broke an impressive five-year streak when he tagged along with Jey Uso for a match against Imperium.

Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston (via Wrestling News)

At WWE Raw Day 1, it was the first time in five years that Kingston had tagged with someone other than a member of the New Day. The last time Kofi did something like this was in 2019, when he tagged with Seth Rollins after the latter was involved in a double champion segment on Raw. Now, after five years, the New Day member teamed up with Jey Uso.

The New Day is a legendary tag team in WWE history. However, amid the injuries to Big E and Xavier Woods, Kingston has been involved in some solo stints for a few weeks on Raw. Moreover, Royal Rumble is just on the horizon. Fans must have some excited expectations for Kingston this year after suffering a concerning fate for two years in the match.

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