WATCH: Mercedes Mone shuts down a journalist when asked about her controversial WWE exit

Mercedes Mone slammed a fan-cum-journalist for asking too much about her departure from WWE at the New York Comic Con.

WATCH: Mercedes Mone shuts down a journalist when asked about her controversial WWE exit

Mercedes Moné at New York Comic Con (via X)

NJPW’s Mercedes Moné has been a well-known name in the wrestling world. Formerly known as Sasha Banks in WWE, she walked out of the company last year due to her alleged backstage altercation with Vince McMahon. There have been various reports in the past that she left WWE because of her creative differences with the company.

To get clarity from The Boss herself, a journalist named JJ asked her the reason behind her controversial WWE exit, just to get slammed by her. Moné was present at New York Comic Con and sat as the panelist to sign fans’ posters. The weekend saw her doing the signings as she encountered a journalist disguised as a fan who came in for an autograph.


The journalist straight up said, “I know you had left WWE because of the creative issues!” and got under her skin. But Moné looked a bit vexed and instantly replied, “Is that the reason?” She puzzled the fan for a while, leaving him to say that he ‘read’ it and does not ‘know’ it.

The former WWE superstar then laughed, knowing that JJ read it and wasn’t there to know it. The journalist then asked for the real reason and got a bitter reply from her, saying, “Why would I tell you!?” She paused for a while and said that he wouldn’t see her interview, read her book and instead claim that he does all of that.

She advised JJ sarcastically to keep reading his fiction books while signing. A fan standing beside him hilariously said, “Listen to her (Moné), don’t listen to yourself!” as she wrote her nickname, The CEO. The video posted on X got a response from Sean Ross Sapp, writing, “She clearly left because somebody poisoned the water hole.”


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Mercedes Moné claims current WWE stars to be her favorite people

Mercedes Moné claimed that she achieved fame during her run in WWE. The Boss was called up to the main roster in 2015 and developed a strong bond with friend-cum-rival Bayley. The later years saw her be with Naomi and form a tag team to win the gold. That bond brought them close for a while, until they both quit the company together.

Jimmy Uso, Naomi, Bayley, Mercedes Mone and Tamina
Jimmy Uso, Naomi, Bayley, Mercedes Mone and Tamina (via Instagram)

A reunion of the aforementioned stars was seen with the addition of Jimmy Uso and Tamina. Trinity Fatu (Naomi) put up an Instagram story which was reposted by Moné. Naomi wrote the caption, “My family” and tagged all the people. But the reposted version of Moné said, “My favorite people in the world” glorifying their significance.


The pictures show Trinity clicking the selfie, with all the ladies posing but Jimmy doing a weird face. Their weekend meet happened on Sunday after Moné’s appearance at New York Comic Con. A reunion of current WWE, NJPW and Impact stars was a delight to watch, forming a huge informal Forbidden Door.

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