“I came to understand that,” WWE Hall of Famer claims he’s officially a ‘Swiftie’, shares wholesome story about Taylor Swift

Mick Foley revealed the kind gestures of Taylor Swift for his friend Jeff Jarrett during the tough time of his life.

“I came to understand that,” WWE Hall of Famer claims he’s officially a ‘Swiftie’, shares wholesome story about Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift at Super Bowl (Via Imago)

The music industry right now is incomplete without Taylor Swift. The multi-time Grammy winner is one of the greatest musical artists of all time. She is very popular among her fans, as they enjoy her music. Swift’s fans are passionate about following their favorite artist and even refer to themselves as ‘Swifties.’ Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley revealed that he is a Swiftie too, as he expressed a wholesome story about Taylor Swift.


On Facebook, Mick Foley posted a wholesome story about becoming a Swiftie. He talked about the time when his dear friend Jeff Jarrett‘s wife passed away. Foley revealed that Taylor Swift was Jarrett’s neighbor. She took some time from her busy schedule in 2007 to take care of her daughter. He divulged that Swift used to bake cookies, sing songs, and even babysit his daughter after the death of Jeff’s wife.

As touched as I was by this story, I thought it was a random act of kindness done on a one-time basis. But I came to understand that Taylor, who had become a neighbor of Jeff's in Hendersonville, Tennessee and was a regular part of the girls lives as they grew up. She did not just take them out for that one day; she was there for them during the most difficult part of their lives. She baked cookies, she sang in their living room, she babysat while Jeff was at his wife's bedside; she was a true friend and a shining example of kindness when kindness was needed most.
Mick Foley on Taylor Swift

Moreover, the Deranged One appreciated this act of kindness and claimed that he has become a Swift in his own right ever since. Besides, Foley revealed that Jeff told him that Taylor also featured his daughter in her music video in 2010. Furthermore, he praised the globally renowned singer for taking some time from her busy schedule at the stage of her career exploding.

There have been many instances where Swift has won millions of hearts with her kindness. Recently, she has been in a relationship with Travis Kelce and was seen celebrating the win over the Kansas City Chiefs with him. Moreover, Seth Rollins has also invited Swift to make an appearance at WrestleMania.


Trish Stratus reacts to Taylor Swift rocking her iconic pose at Super Bowl LVIII

Taylor Swift was one of the key highlights of this year’s Super Bowl. Her relationship with Travis Kelce made headlines as she also attended the event. During the event, Swift was seen doing the signature pose of Trish Stratus. Fans pointed this out, and expeditiously, it went viral. Stratus reacted to this in an interesting way.

Taylor Swift and Trish Stratus
Taylor Swift and Trish Stratus (via Metro/WWE)

Trish on her X posted a mirror image of herself doing the exact same pose. Although the seven-time women’s champion didn’t write anything. However, it was clear that she acknowledged Taylor rocking her pose at the Super Bowl LVIII.

Besides, some fans even compared the pose to that of the Bloodline. They went on to call it a sign that Taylor has acknowledged The Tribal Chief. It was nice fun and games during the Super Bowl. Therefore, fans have been looking forward to some more interactions between WWE Superstars and their favorite popstar in the future.

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