Former WWE Superstar getting acknowledged by Beyonce at the Renaissance World Tour sparks reaction from Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks lauded Naomi for her special outfit appreciation at Beyoncé's concert this weekend in Houston.

Former WWE Superstar getting acknowledged by Beyonce at the Renaissance World Tour sparks reaction from Sasha Banks

Beyoncé and Sasha Banks (via Instagram and WWE)

The former Women’s Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks and Naomi, are two of the most remarkable superstars in professional wrestling. They left WWE together because of their issues with their creative, which led to a dispute with Vince McMahon. As a result, they went their separate ways.

While Sasha Banks found her new home in NJPW under the name Mercedes Mone, Naomi debuted in Impact Wrestling as Trinity. Their recent interaction on X showed the latter’s special accolade being celebrated by Mone in the comments. Trinity showed up for Beyonce’s concert as a part of her Renaissance World Tour at NRG Stadium in Houston.


The concert being scheduled for two shows over the weekend had Naomi present on Sunday, September 24, and had her moment from Beyonce herself. Her post on X showed the screen recording of her Instagram reel that showed the moment when Beyonce lauded Naomi for her outfit. The outfit was inspired by Beyonce’s herself and thus caught her attention alone.

Mercedes Mone has commented on this special moment for Naomi and said that she won. Mone wrote, “You won, you Won, yoU WON! 😍😍” and celebrated Trinity’s achievement. The reason behind the moment being special was that the last-minute efforts for outfit-making paid off with Beyonce’s words.

Naomi said that she got the fabric at the last minute and that it was made in less than 24 hours. It was shipped to Memphis for her to get it and she flew to Houston with it, which eventually paid it off. The outfit was designed for Naomi by Sandra Gray and was inspired by Beyoncé’s Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini during the East Rutherford concert at MetLife Stadium on Saturday, July 29, 2023.


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Naomi sends a message to Dolph Ziggler after his release

The shocking release of Dolph Ziggler from WWE was extremely saddening for the former and current stars too. Many of them have shown their reactions to Ziggler and lauded his stint in the company. But the current Impact Knockouts World Champion, Naomi, has also stated her reaction on X and garnered lots of interactions.

Naomi and Dolph Ziggler
Naomi and Dolph Ziggler (via Sportskeeda)

Trinity (then Naomi) just wrote,“#dolphziggler🥰” and posted it on X. She was asked by a fan about the use of such an emoji when the news was disturbing. Naomi explained, “Bc I luv and support him always🥰” to mention the fact that she still supports Ziggler and has much love for her even when WWE is not her place.


Ziggler was a celebrated star in WWE and became one of the most recognized superstars. He was away from WWE programming for the last three months. Thus, the post-merger talent cuts became the reason for his release from the company last week.

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