“Both had to fight their way,” WWE President Nick Khan details shocking similarities between Vince McMahon and Dana White

Dana White and Vince McMahon paved the way to expand their franchises, according to WWE President Nick Khan.

“Both had to fight their way,” WWE President Nick Khan details shocking similarities between Vince McMahon and Dana White

Nick Khan, Vince McMahon and Dana White (via X)

The billion-dollar merger between the UFC and WWE, finalized last week, is a historic moment in the sports industry. Recently, WWE President Nick Khan shed light on this monumental move. He went on to reveal shocking similarities between Vince McMahon and Dana White.


While speaking on the Bill Simmons Podcast, Nick Khan talked about the co-existence of White and McMahon. Khan revealed that he sees a lot of similarities between the two. He said, “Both single-parent households grew up without much money or resources, and both had to fight their way to the inside from the outside.”

Nick Khan also revealed the first reaction of Dana White before the deal. He said, “Dana’s quote was something to the effect of I’m looking forward to working with Vince and team, Vince is a sav*ge in the wrestling business, something to that effect.” Speaking about Vince McMahon, he said, “Vince is as complimentary about Dana.”

Nick Khan is one of the most prominent figures in WWE. His words are paramount when it comes to business and the analysis of the company. The WWE President also noted that both men had to start their respective companies. Their goal was to give their respective promotions an exponential rise.


WWE merged with the UFC under the same banner to form TKO Group Holdings. It is going to be interesting to see the changes that might take place in WWE. Vince McMahon and Dana White will be working together to make their joint enterprise rise above and beyond.

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Nick Khan provides insight on how WWE builds a star

WWE President Nick Khan provided some insights on WWE’s process of building a star. While being involved in the Bill Simmons Podcast, he talked about their process of building superstars like Roman Reigns and Dominik Mysterio.

Nick Khan
Nick Khan (via Wrestling Inc)

Nick Khan said, “I think sticking with it and really giving people a shot to be the best versions of themselves on the mic. I think sticking with what you think can work is probably a good plan.” Khan revealed that sticking with the superstars and not giving up on them is what makes an athlete a star.


He revealed that this same process was followed while building Roman Reigns and Dominik Mysterio. He elucidated that patience is the key and that the promotion must have faith in their talents. Superstars like LA Knight can be a prime example of WWE not giving up on them.

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