WATCH: Old video of LA Knight hilariously yelling “YEAH” on Triple H’s Workout DVD in 2014 making rounds on the internet

LA Knight's catchphrase, which has become widely popular among fans in recent times, was used by him in his initial days.

WATCH: Old video of LA Knight hilariously yelling “YEAH” on Triple H’s Workout DVD in 2014 making rounds on the internet

LA Knight in Triple H's Workout DVD back in 2014 (via- Twitter)

As of late, there’s been a lot of digging around LA Knight. His fans are working overtime to extract some of his older clips that exist somewhere on the internet. Similarly, a 2014 clip is quickly making the rounds. It’s a snippet from Triple H’s Power Development DVD. In that, The Game is seen working out with some aspiring NXT tryouts. Notably, LA Knight was one of them.

In the video, after stretching the body, Triple H asks everyone whether they’re ready for the training session. In response, the tryouts politely nodded in approval, uttering a faint yes. However, Knight, on the other hand, yelled “Yeah.” Needless to say, it was unseriously funny to the point that Triple H himself stared at LA Knight for a while.

Who could’ve thought that a random four-letter word would become a tradition in almost every wrestling household in 2023? But that’s where it gets interesting. It wasn’t shoved down to anyone’s throat. As stated in some of his interviews, Knight never forced his stuff, and everything came about so organically. His catchphrase origins have a direct link to the Performance Center in Orlando, inside which the aforementioned video is shot.

Around 2014, LA Knight, formerly known as Slate Randall, signed a developmental contract with WWE. Without doing much, he was released around a year later. He filmed a demo interview at the time which too has resurfaced in recent memory. As LA Knight’s current popularity continues to soar in WWE, his fans are showing more alacrity about his past ventures and struggles.

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LA Knight eclipsed The Bloodline on past week’s SmackDown

LA Knight and The Bloodline
LA Knight beats The Bloodline in terms of total views on Twitter (via- WWE and Fox News)

The LA Knight movement is legit, and its growing numbers are a testament to that. This past week on SmackDown, WWE ran Madison Square Garden. The majority of the show was occupied by The Bloodline. That even forced the rest of the segments and matches to get trimmed to make up for the lost time. LA Knight wasn’t on the show either.

However, the 40-year-old did make it to MSG. He worked a dark segment before the show went on air. The self-proclaimed Megastar interrupted Hit Row’s promo and received a huge pop, unsurprisingly. Knight entered the ring and directly launched himself into Ashante “Thee” Adonis and Top Dolla. After some initial difficulties, Knight eventually cleared the ring.

He then grabbed a microphone and asked New York, “Who’s game is it?” Now, cognizant of Knight’s unparalleled demand, WWE had to release the entire segment across their digital platforms. On Twitter, the video has more views than any other part of the show, including The Bloodline’s stuff. That’s absolutely unrealistic to even think of, but it’s true.

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