“I really can’t escape it,” WWE superstar feels ’embarrased’ due to his towering height

The current Monday Night Raw superstar feels embarrassed as he gets shocking reactions from people in public places due to his stature.

“I really can’t escape it,” WWE superstar feels ’embarrased’ due to his towering height

Monday Night Raw (via WWE)

WWE has always admired the giants in their company and treated them with some prominent delicacies. One such giant that WWE currently has is Omos. The Nigerian Giant has been astounding the fans on the main roster. He faced some of the most notable superstars in WWE. It includes Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins.


Being a 7-foot-3-inch giant helps one get recognized and admired, but at the same time, it gets one into several uncomfortable situations. The Nigerian Giant explains his experiences by being so tall. He revealed some embarrassing moments that he often faces while traveling or at airports.

While speaking on the It’s Mike Jones podcast, Omos revealed some interesting things. He said that he always tries to cover himself with his hoodies or headphones while traveling. The WWE superstar added that people often keep glaring at him at the airports due to his unfathomable height.

The Nigerian Giant said that he often wraps himself up in such awkward situations. He stated that he tries to escape it, but his stature always makes him the highlight. “I really can’t escape it. I’ve tried to, but I really cannot,” he said. He expressed the embarrassment that comes with his awkward height.


Omos fulfilled some of his goals during his main roster run in WWE. He said that he has a long-time dream of being a world champion in WWE. The 29-year-old believes in being humble toward other superstars while advising other giants in the company.

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Omos comments on having a match with Odyssey Jones

Omos and Odyssey Jones
Omos and Odyssey Jones during status at WWE Draft 2023 (via WWE)

Nigeriant Giant Omos is having an incredible main roster run since breaking up with AJ Styles. He faced several prominent superstars like Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley in a short time. The 29-year-old was asked about his desire to name a superstar of his choice to square off against. He named, surprisingly, “Odyssey Jones.”

While speaking on the “Its Mike Jonas” podcast, Omos expressed his desire to face the recently drafted superstar. He said that he would love to battle Odyssey Jones after he makes his name on the main roster. Moreover, Omos praised him and said that Jones has a bright future ahead in WWE.


Odyssey shares features with Omos as a powerhouse, just like they once shared the same wrestling classes. WWE drafted him to Monday Night Raw during WWE Draft 2023. Therefore, both Omos and Jones have a chance to clash against each other in the future. This is a match many fans are waiting to see.

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