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“I love AEW” Paige discusses about her future after departure from WWE and a possible signing with AEW

The former Divas Champion Paige reveals her plan about joining AEW in the future after leaving WWE.

Paige left WWE in July 2022

Paige is a huge superstar in the wrestling industry. Everybody likes her and she gets huge pop when she makes her entrance. She left WWE at the start of July and as her contract with WWE got over and the company refused to resign her as a superstar as she was not cleared to wrestle again.


Paige retired from in-ring competition in the December of 2017 when she was wrestling in a live event match in which she was in a six-women tag team match in which she was paired with Sonia Deville and Mandy Rose and they were against Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Mickie James.

In the match, Sasha Banks kicked Paige’s neck which injured her, and later it turned into a career-threatening injury. When Paige retired, she does not have any grudges against Banks and that Banks only made a mistake as she thought she can kick Paige’s neck like before but she did not know that Paige’s neck is not like before.


After getting retired Paige served a brief period as a WWE official role and became the general manager of Smackdown after Daniel Brayan returned to in-ring competition after that she also plays a managerial role of the Kabuki Warriors in 2020 March. Paige also streams on Twitch and there too she said that she had an amazing time in WWE.

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Paige is not going to AEW

Paige talks about a possible return to the in-ring competition

When a wrestler leaves WWE the future of that superstar always is uncertain either they go to AEW or do something else same goes for Paige too when everybody asked Paige about going to AEW she said that she is writing a book currently and it will come after a whole year and she is also doing some things which she is not allowed to say publicly right now.

About AEW she says that she is not going to AEW anytime soon but AEW seems good to her and she will love to go there sometime in the future after she gets 100 percent medically cleared and after that, she will love to go there as an in-ring role and face Britt Baker as it will be awesome and all the friends of Paige are in AEW.

“I’m in the middle of writing a book right now, which I’m really excited about. We got a book, it’s going to be another year before it officially comes out. We’re in the middle of writing that. We’re doing other things, but I’m not allowed to say anything right now. It’s non-wrestling related, sorry guys. I’m not going to be going to AEW anytime soon. AEW seems great. I love AEW. I would love to face Britt Baker one day if the time is right, that would be awesome. All my friends are there now,” 

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