WATCH: 52-year-old WWE legend’s shenanigans cost Damian Priest grudge match against Drew McIntyre on Raw

R-Truth's sheninagans might lead to brutal consequences for him after costing Damian Priest his match on Raw.

WATCH: 52-year-old WWE legend’s shenanigans cost Damian Priest grudge match against Drew McIntyre on Raw

Damian Priest and Drew McIntyre (via WWE)

This week, Monday Night Raw had a marquee matchup in the main event. After being on loggerheads for a while, Damian Priest and Drew McIntyre finally collided this week. The two stars had a grueling battle before WWE legend R-Truth interfered to cost Priest the match.

At first, R Truth was at the ringside with the intention of helping Senor Money in the Bank. However, Damian looked in no place to seek the help of the Suntan Superman. Following the moment, Truth once again tried to help, which led to the distraction of the referee. McIntyre took the opportunity and delivered a Claymore to Priest in order to secure a win.

These shenanigans were surely irritating for Damian. He looked pretty angry during the match. However, Truth made a nice gesture after Raw went off-air to make up for his mistake. A loss days before Royal Rumble must have been hard for the 41-year-old star. However, he was involved in a grudge match against McIntyre, and a loss made him look weak after being cocky over the weeks.

Only time will tell where the future of Senor Money in the Bank is headed from here on out. It seems R-Truth will face some repercussions for his action in the upcoming weeks. However, Priest had a rugged interaction backstage with Rhea Ripley as well. Mami posted a reply for the superstar following Raw.

R-Truth thanked Judgment Day for all the birthday wishes

R-Truth recently turned 52 this month. He received a bunch of well wishes from his fans and friends. The Suntan Superman thanked his fans and family members for the wishes. However, he especially took the opportunity to address the greeting he received from The Miz and Judgment Day.

R-Truth (via @RonKillings/X)

In a video, R-Truth appreciated the greeting he received from Miz. He then went on to address the cards he received from Judgment Day. The former United States Champion addressed it by saying that he has no idea who’s writing it, but he has nothing but love for the group, and he appreciates the effort made.

It is still unclear who wrote those lovely letters for the 52-year-old Superstar. However, his storyline with Judgment Day is hot and wild. It is going to be interesting to see where Truth and the faction are headed in the near future on Raw.

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