REVEALED: Real reason why Sasha Banks and Naomi decided to walk out of the arena during Monday Night Raw

The real reason for Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out on Raw has possibly been revealed

The real reason for Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out on Raw has possibly been revealed
Sasha Banks and Naomi

This week’s Monday Night Raw had an action packed main event scheduled to determine the opponent for Bianca Belair at Hell in a Cell. But things changed after the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks and Naomi, who were going to participate in the main event, walked out of the arena leaving their championships backstage.

This has brought in a lot of heat for them backstage lately and the WWE Universe has learnt from reports that the two had walked out because they didn’t get the amount of respect and dignity that the earned. But this may not be the real reason why the two women went out. Reports regarding Banks manipulating Naomi also knocked the door but that may not be true as well.

Sasha Banks and Naomi left their titles and abondoned Raw claiming they were not getting what they deserved
Sasha Banks and Naomi

According to recent reports, the real reason that made the women’s tag team champions quit Monday Night Raw was wholly related to Naomi. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion has her contract getting expired soon and it negotiating with the company for a new contract. But the company has not brought a lot of the table for her with the new contract which was the real reason for the heat.

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Booker T recently commented on the controversial Sasha Banks and Naomi walk out

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has undoubtedly been one of the very few men who has inserted his views in almost every material controversies. The legend has his day on this one during a recent episode of the Hall of Fame podcast where he said that walking out was a bit too much to do even though they had heat for the company. Here’s what he said:

“Was it the right thing to do? You know, probably not, we will find out as far as the repercussions if it is a work or not. But, I do think that it was handled, let’s just say, unprofessional by walking out like that. If, and I am just saying if, this is the scenario to where Sasha felt like it was disrespect for her to get beat being a tag team champion, as well as Naomi getting beat being disrespected as tag team champion, if that’s the problem we’ve got a huge problem here.”

“That’s why I say it’s hard for me to speculate, it’s hard for me to really talk about what really happened because we are only hearing it from one side. If that was the scenario, if that was the case, damn man the business has definitely gone to the toilet.”

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