“We wanna kick on now” Ridge Holland talks candidly about his feelings on the stable he is presently in

“We wanna kick on now” Ridge Holland talks candidly about his feelings on the stable he is presently in

Ridge Holland in NXT

Ridge Holland is one of the newly introduced superstars in WWE who was a very great character in NXT but his main roster call-up has not been that well as he was introduced as one of Sheamus’s hinge men and formed a tag team with former WWE World Heavyweight Champion later on Butch joined the stable.

Ridge Holland has also not been doing anything currently as Sheamus is feuding with Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship where Butch is very aggressive and he is currently fighting with Gunther’s Hinge man Simon and making his shoulder equal to Sheamus in his feud against Gunther but Ridge is not doing anything and is just making Butch stop.


WWE has not done something serious with the stable as they have been getting presented as a comedic act till now and have not been that much brutal. Ridge Holland also agrees with these things as he said in an interview that everyone does not even know how much they can do and how much they can affect the whole WWE as they have not been serious till now and if they get serious they are going to make the whole WWE under their control.

Ridge Holland said, “We wanna kick on now. It’s been kinda stop, start, so we wanna show people what we are capable of. I don’t even think we’ve scratched the surface with this group. We need to take on a bit of a more serious edge now. We’ve done some comedy stuff, and we need to show people that we’ve got that mean streak and we’re not here to play games, you know?”

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Ridge Holland is not a safe wrestler?

Ridge Holland Butch Sheamus
Sheamus’s stable in WWE

Ridge Holland is not very safe in the ring as he has not been excellent in the ring and has even almost finished Big E’s career as he botched a belly-to-belly suplex which resulted in Big E getting a very dangerous neck injury. He has not been wrestling since then many times as WWE has not taken any risk with him and he has been working on his in-ring skills also as they can be harmful to others.

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