To work with that man is…. – Road Dogg reveals why he turned down the job offer of an executive from Vince McMahon

Former WWE Personnel Road Dogg explains why he declined Vince McMahon's request to hire him as an executive.

Vince McMahon and Road Dogg
Vince McMahon and Road Dogg

Road Dogg is known to be one half of one of the best Tag Teams of all time. He along with Billy Gunn formed “The New age Outlaws” to become the five time WWF tag team champions, they also managed to win it one time in WWE. Road Dogg was a hard worker with the required moves set and had the ability to give some of the best promos, whereas Billy Gunn was more athletic than him. This made them a perfect well balanced Tag team.

The New Age Outlaw Merchandise is one of the highest selling in the history of the company. After leaving WWF in 2001, Road Dogg wrestled around independent circuit and became a regular in TNA from 2002-2009, He returned to WWE in 2011 and wrestled in the promotion till 2014, thereafter he took on the role of the producer and in 2016 became one of the lead writers on SmackDown Brand in 2016. Road Dogg lectured on character development and promos at the performance center from May 2019 until January 2022.

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Road Dogg says that working with Vince McMahon is difficult

Road Dogg Working Backstage
Road Dogg Working Backstage

Road Dogg recently discussed with Chris Van Vliet why he declined a tempting employment offer from Vince McMahon. Dogg said that, when a person stays up till three in the morning working, they discover little bits of information about the business as well as about how to be a professional and an executive.

He added that Vince McMahon even paid for someone to instruct him on how to become an executive since he wanted him to do so. Vince McMahon, he said, is tough to deal with not because of his attitude but because he is a workaholic. Vince McMahon will work all night and be the first one to arrive at the office in the morning, so he couldn’t tolerate being an executive.

“You sit under that learning tree, sometimes you sit under it until three in the morning, but you learn stuff, little stuff about the business and not just about the business, but how to be a professional and an executive. He had somebody coming to the office once a week from Carnegie and teaching me how to be an executive. He wanted to make me an executive. It was on me, I couldn’t handle it. To work with that man is difficult. It’s not difficult because of how he is, it’s difficult because of who he is. He’s a workhorse. He’ll work all night and be the first one up in the morning to work again”.

Road Dogg recently admitted in an interview with Sportskeeda that writing was a tougher profession than wrestling. Vince McMahon would often approve it, but occasionally deny it and adhere to his choice to reject the role, he claimed. 

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