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Sami Zayn gives a confusing reaction to Solo Sikoa relinquishing the NXT North American Championship

Sami Zayn

One of the most gifted athletes on the WWE roster is Sami Zayn. He has been with the organisation for a while, and his best performance is as a villain, where he does a great job of drawing jeers from the WWE Universe while still keeping everyone entertained.


The Canadian wrestler has just been able to join the top WWE Bloodline team, which also includes Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, and the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions, The Usos. With their performances in the main event scene, they have all recently been running WWE.

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Sami Zayn new Profile Pic is related to Solo Sikoa?

Sami Zayn with Solo Sikoa

Sami Zayn recently updated his Twitter profile picture, in which he appears ecstatic with the events taking place. Fans started comparing his new photo to the recent tragic news that Solo Sikoa had to relinquish the NXT North American Championship.

Everyone assumed that Sami was the only person without a title before to this, and since Solo Sikoa is now without one as well, he will be pleased to hear that, but that was not the case as he responds to all of these accusations with another tweet in which he clarifies everything that is being said.

He claimed that the new profile picture has nothing to do with Solo Sikoa giving up the title and that everything is just a great coincidence. He further claimed that this is shocking and upsetting news for everyone, not just Solo. He added that he had just spoken to Solo on the phone and that, based on their conversation, everything appears to be well.

Additionally, he made an effort to inspire him by telling him that a far bigger career was waiting for him in the future and that this was just a sad but insignificant occurrence. Although Solo has not yet responded to the tweet, what do you guys believe happened when Sami posted the new picture—was it intentional or just a coincidence?

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