“She is the smartest”- Santino Marella reveals which McMahon is the wisest of them

Former Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella reveals which McMahon is the smartest and a driving force among them.

Santino Marella in WWE
Santino Marella in WWE

Santino Marella is a guy who stuck to his gimmick and character till the end of his 11 year old tenure with WWE. Santino was one of the most funny guys in WWE, with a top notch comedic timing. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter awarded his character the best gimmick award for the year 2007 and 2008. Santino Marella had decent title runs and has been one of the memorable wrestlers who would one day be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Santino Marella has been a good wrestler and he has displayed that numerous times, most notably in the Elimination Chamber match in 2012 for the World Heavyweight Championship. Marella managed to eliminate Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes. Marella was the last one to be with Daniel Bryan in the chamber, he delivered his finishing move cobra on Bryan but the latter managed to kick out. Bryan then made marella submit by applying armlock. Thus winning the match.

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Santino Marella says that Linda McMahon is the driving force behind everything

Santino Marella in WWE
Santino Marella delivering his finishing move “Cobra” in WWE

The name McMahon has a significant history in the wrestling industry. Vince McMahon has been the pioneer of the mainstream wrestling industry and the founder of WWE. Vince along with his wife Linda, daughter Stephanie and son Shane are all a part of the wrestling business and the company WWE.

While speaking on “Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda”, the former intercontinental champion revealed which McMahon of the four is the smartest one. Shane, according to Marella, wasn’t as present as Stephanie was throughout his tenure in WWE. He praised Stephanie McMahon and stated that she is the ideal role model and that he wants his daughter to follow in her footsteps.. He went on to explain that Linda McMahon is the sharpest of the McMahons and the intellect behind everything. He closed by adding that speaking with Linda is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“Shane wasn’t there as much as Stephanie while I was there,” Marella said. “I would tell my daughter, ‘You have to grow up and be like Stephanie, man’ … For the type of daughter I want to put out in the world, Stephanie is the perfect role model, and Linda is the smartest, Linda is the smartest of them all. She’s the brains behind everything, oh my God. If you get a conversation with Linda, it’s like, a special moment.”

Santino Marella has been involved in Independent circuit wrestling, since his departure in 2016. Santino’s daughter Biance is currently signed to WWE and performs on the NXT Brand under the ring name “Arianna Grace”.

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