Sasha Banks gets warned that her career could get over if she signs with AEW over WWE for money 

Mercedes Mone, fka Sasha Banks, is the hottest free agent in professional wrestling.

Sasha Banks gets warned that her career could get over if she signs with AEW over WWE for money 

Sasha Banks (via WWE)

Mercedes Mone, aka Sasha Banks, has been away from the squared circle since she injured her ankle. Meanwhile, the wrestling community began grappling with the issue of where she might eventually land. It seems the former WWE authority figure, Eric Bischoff, has some words of advice for the multi-time women’s champion.

The former WCW executive spoke on his podcast ’83 Weeks’ and seemingly issued a warning to The Boss. He elaborated about how his knowledge of her remains sparse but that he is aware of the negotiations that she began with the Stamford-based company. For him, choosing AEW could mean more money but less fame. 

"Could she make more money with Tony, yes, but, her career as a star is effectively over at that point. If anyone doesn't agree with that, look at any 'former WWE star'."
Eric Bischoff on Sasha Banks possibly signing with AEW

His conversation partner, Conrad Thompson, further stated how it’s not good to believe backstage rumors to which Bischoff agreed. The 68-year-old veteran explained how WWE would be the place where Banks could really build her fame. His faith in any other promotions dwindles as he seemingly brings focus to the underutilized talents.

Bischoff even went on to add that an additional benefit of working in WWE is the close proximity to Endeavour, one of the biggest players in Hollywood. While Endeavour doesn’t outright have full control over WWE, the merger with the UFC has opened quite a number of avenues to explore for their talent.

Bayley expresses her close affinity with Sasha Banks as she talks about their shared destiny

Bayley and Sasha Banks are two of those superstars who share a deep bond, both inside and outside the squared circle. The Role Model and The Boss have not only created history through their match at NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn 2015 but, even carried the women’s division during the pandemic era. As the years go by, their bond seems to grow stronger, and here’s how Bayley, who sat in an interview with Sports Illustrated, perceives it:

Bayley and Sasha Banks
Bayley and Sasha Banks (via WWE)
“We’ll always be destined for one more match. We’re ‘The Brooklyn Girls’. We’re going to live on forever because of that match, and it’s something we can carry on forever.”
Bayley on her relationship with Sasha Banks (H/T: Sports Illustrated)

Fans have witnessed the two together on many occasions. They were not only present at the premiere of the movie ‘Self Reliance’ but even attended TNA Hard to Kill PPV. They did so to show support to their friend, Trinity, who defended her Knockouts World Championship.

Out of the four Horsewomen of WWE, it’s only Bayley who’s yet to headline WrestleMania. At this moment, while The Role Model leads the Damage CTRL, she has remained hungry for personal glory. She envisions her victory at the Royal Rumble as being that key. However, the possibility of her best friend, Sasha Banks, showing up could seriously twist the tale to be told.

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