“Had to deal with that for years,” Seth Rollins desires to take revenge on Aaron Rodgers by putting a boot in the back of his head

Seth Rollins is one of the most high-profile superstars in WWE.

“Had to deal with that for years,” Seth Rollins desires to take revenge on Aaron Rodgers by putting a boot in the back of his head

Seth Rollins and Aaron Rodgers (Via WWE and Wikipedia)

The current world heavyweight champion, Seth Rollins, is one of the greatest superstars of the current generation. An interesting fact is that Rollins is a big Chicago Bears fan, and he stated that in many interviews. Being a Bears fan, the one person he hated to see on the other side was Aaron Rodgers.


The visionary gave an interview with Sports Illustrated in Las Vegas. The interviewer asked him whom he would’ve loved to hit a curb stomp on, and he immediately said, Aaron Rodgers. Seth further added that Aaron performed well against the Bears, and he had to watch his team struggle against him for years and years.

Former Green Bay Packers player, Aaron Rodgers has a record of 26-5 against the Chicago Bears over 15 seasons. He played his last season for the Packers in 2023 and was drafted by the New York Jets. However, he suffered an ankle injury in his debut match for the Jets and was out for the entire season.

It’s got to be Aaron Rodgers, man. I’m a Bears fan–I had to deal with that for years and years and years. Just suffering, him owning my team. By the end of it, he was just making light of it because it was so easy for him. I’d love to put a boot on the back of his head. That’d be great.
Seth Rollins via Sports Illustrated

As for Seth Rollins, he witnessed what happened at the WrestleMania XL press conference from the best seat possible. He has no title challenger as of now, but Triple H announced the 12-man qualifying tournament for the elimination chamber match.


Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre have already qualified for the match; there are four more spots left. It will be interesting to see who will win the Elimination Chamber match and fight Rollins at WrestleMania.

Damian Priest refuses to cash in on Seth Rollins until he is injured

Senor Money In the Bank, Damian Priest is yet to cash in his briefcase on any champion. He is waiting for the right opportunity and has time till the first of July. The judgment Day member has revealed the reason why he has not cashed in on Seth Rollins yet.

Damian Priest and Seth Rollins
Damian Priest and Seth Rollins (Via Wrestling News and WWE)

The Architect suffered an injury in a match against Jinder Mahal but still made his presence felt on the show. However, the fans wondered why Priest did not cash in on Rollins while he was present there too. The 41-year-old stated that the reason he has not cashed in yet is because the champion is injured. He plans to cash in on him when he fully recovers and he is in no hurry to do it.

Well obviously, I’m based on Raw, and being that Seth Rollins is the champion unfortunately he’s not medically cleared, so I can’t cash in right now because officially he can’t be in a match. It’s one of those things about me biding my time. I still have until July 1st, I have plenty of time, so I’m just, I don’t want to risk doing something I shouldn’t, you know.
Damian priest via Ringside News

Priest attempted to cash in the briefcase many times before but was denied every time due to someone’s interference. He and Judgment Day member, Finn Balor will defend their Undisputed Tag Team titles against Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate at the Elimination Chamber PLE in Australia. It will be interesting to see whether they retain the titles or the fans will witness the rise of the newly formed tag team.


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