Former WWE Superstar once revealed about the backstage HATE that Shawn Michaels harbored against him

Former WWE Superstar Carlito allegedly stated that WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels hated him behind the scenes.

Shawn Michaels in WWE
Shawn Michaels in WWE

Shawn Michaels is currently enjoying his role as a Senior VP of Talent Development Creative of NXT Brand, which also involves monitoring the creative aspect of the brand. Shawn Michaels, being one of the most experienced and decorated performers of all time is the right person for the job and seems to be handling it very well. The show’s numbers appear to be consistent; the storylines appear to be moving along at a nice clip, and the booking decisions of the superstars are also on the right track.

Shawn Michaels hung his boots in 2010 after an epic bout against Undertaker and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011. He has been involved in backstage duties since then and has competed in several matches afterwards. The Heart break Kid’s last bout as of now, came at the 2019 Crown Jewel, where he fought as a member of the D-Generation X alongside his best friend Triple H against Undertaker and Kane.

The DX won the match but the bout was universally panned, with some calling it as one of the worst matches in recent times. It was obvious as all the four wrestlers are now old enough and their bodies don’t seem to have the energy that they used to have in their prime.

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Carlito revealed why he has a lot of respect towards Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels vs Carlito on one of the editions of RAW in late 2000s
Shawn Michaels vs Carlito on one of the editions of RAW in late 2000s

Shawn Michaels was the company’s golden boy and at the peak of his career in the late 1990s, but his ego problems were severe and the success had warped his attitude. He was exceedingly challenging to deal with and didn’t even pay attention to Vince McMahon, his boss. Vince too, didn’t fire him as he could see the passion and Shawn Michaels desire for the development of the company. Vince also knew that Shawn was the guy to get the job done when Vince wanted something on his table.

Shawn Michaels reinvented himself when he returned to the WWE after a four-year absence in 2002. Despite his transformation, he was an opinionated backstage character and a respected figure in the locker room. Former WWE Superstar Carlito expressed his admiration for Shawn Michaels during an appearance on James Romero’s Wrestling Shoot Interviews in 2021.

He said that Shawn’s candor in expressing his dislike for him was what led him to admire the Heartbreak Kid. Shawn Michaels, according to Carlito, told him out loud that he didn’t like him and wouldn’t talk about him behind his back, which led him to respect the heartbreak kid. Carlito also discussed the reasons why some people disliked him behind the scenes. He said that his carelessness and carefree demeanor were to blame.

Shawn Michaels and Carlito in 2005
Shawn Michaels and Carlito in 2005

“I forgot what it was, Same story as everybody else. [Shawn Michaels thought] I was too nonchalant or I didn’t care enough or whatever. I was too… [He thought] I had my mind on other things than wrestling. Stuff like that. I was like, ‘Alright.”

Carlito was released from WWE in 2010 and since then he has made sporadic appearances in the company. Carlito appeared at the Royal Rumble 2021 match and entered as 8th entrant in the match. His most recent appearance in WWE was on the February 1st 2021edition of RAW, where he teamed yup with Jeff Hardy to defeat Jason Ryker and Elias.

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