“Have no reason to lie,” WWE Hall of Famer recalls the night he was handed a blade to slit Ric Flair’s throat

Teddy Long once hid a blade with him when confronting Ric Flair with the help of Gary Hart.

“Have no reason to lie,” WWE Hall of Famer recalls the night he was handed a blade to slit Ric Flair’s throat

Teddy Long and Ric Flair (via WWE)

The former general manager of SmackDown, Teddy Long was a well-known authority figure in WWE. The referee-turned-manager has sporadic television appearances but mostly works in the independent circuit. In a recent interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Teddy spoke about the time when Gary Hart handed him a blade to cut Ric Flair‘s throat due to his issues with the Nature Boy.


James Romero, the host of WSI asked a fan question to Long about a certain incident from his past. The question asked about the size of the blade he carried for Flair. Teddy stated that late wrestler, Gary Hart gave him the blade knowing the problems the former had with Ric. Hart came to Long and said, “Made this blade, if he (Ric) kept bothering me (Long) and cut his throat.” Teddy then raised his right hand to God stating that he was speaking all truth.

The reason for Hart’s helping towards Long happened due to his understanding of the latter. Teddy added, “Gary didn’t appreciate the way I was being treated. I was bothering nobody; I’m just doing my job!”. He then implied people were mad at him for the color of his skin.

He compared Flair’s dislike with John Laurinaitis as they both were mad at him for some undisclosed reason. For justifying himself Teddy stated, “I had been such a terrible person, you think Vince (McMahon) would’ve put me in the charge for his company for nine years!?”. He then answered the real question and described the blade to be so small that it would fit in his pocket correctly.


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Ric Flair blasts Logan Paul by launching his own energy drink service

Ric Flair uses social media actively to stay relevant and share his thoughts on WWE events. One notable instance on his X (formerly Twitter) account involved him praising Logan Paul for impressive ring performance despite limited training.

Ric Flair and Logan Paul

But the appreciation for that instance has turned into a rivalry with Flair launching his energy drink. Ric’s catchphrase, ‘Woooo!’ has been used for the drink’s name and as announced by him on X. He sent a message to Logan with this and stated him to be in second place with his PRIME drink in front of his Woooo Energy.

The post on X states Ric partnered with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the launch of his drink. lair highlighted that Logan Paul’s hometown, Cleveland, played a role in his ring performance. Additionally, he mentioned the collaboration with Chad Bronstein to introduce the ‘Wooooo!’ Energy brand at every Cavaliers’ game this season at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.


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