“Stephanie McMahon is the right person for the job” – The Undertaker is confident about Vince’s daughter’s success as a CEO

WWE legend The Undertaker has recently said in an interview that Stephanie McMahon is the right person to handle WWE right now

The Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon
The Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon

There are very few people in WWE who have the guts to tell the truth even when external pressure is mounting. One such personality is none other than The Undertaker. The 57-year-old WWE Hall of Famer had his say on the recent controversy surrounding Vince McMahon’s resignation and the appointment of her daughter, Stephanie McMahon, as the organization’s interim CEO.

The Phenom believes that Stephanie is capable of handling her new responsibilities as WWE Chairwoman and CEO. It’s a well-known fact that The Deadman had been one of Vince’s all-time favorite WWE performers. As it stands, now that Vince has left the organization, which looks like a temporary move, Undertaker is ready to support Stephanie.

In a recent interview, the Taker said, “Stephanie is incredible, and she’s going to show that in this new role. She is level-headed, she sees the whole picture. Her steady, calm hand is exactly what is needed. There’s not a selfish bone in her body, but she’s all about business. She’s the right person for the job. I have 100% confidence about what Stephanie McMahon will do for the company.”

It all started when the Wall Street Journal published a scandalous article about Vince McMahon having paid $3 million to one of his emplopyees to cover up their romantic affair. Ever since the report has come out, Vince has been investigated for this bribery case.

Amid all the pressure, he decided to step down as the organization’s CEO. As a replacement, Stephanie was named the interim CEO of WWE. However, the ongoing inquiry seems to have had zero impact on Vince as he continues to appear on WWE TV, nearly every week.

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When will we see The Undertaker again in the ring?

the undertaker

While the WWE Universe waits to see their favorite Phenom back in the ring, the WWE has already decided to feature The Undertaker on July 29 during the SummerSlam. In fact, the event surrounding Taker has been named “UNDERTAKER 1 deadMAN SHOW”.

It is not yet clear if the Deadman will once again showcase his fighting skills, but one thing is for sure, the WWE would be extremely satisfied to see The Undertaker standing by the organization’s side in the darkest of times.

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