“Probably an hour before” – Theory revealed he got informed of facing Brock Lesnar just in the Nick of the time

Theory faced Brock Lesnar in a live event at Madison Square Garden earlier this year and there's an interesting story about that

Theory recalls his match with Brock Lesnar
Theory has given some insights of his MSG showdown with Brock Lesnar

Theory is enjoying a fairytale run in WWE right now. He’s the handpicked guy of Vince McMahon and they’re making sure to push this man to it’s limits. The upstart recently clinched a monumental achievement by becoming the youngest superstar in WWE history to win the Money in the Bank briefcase. But, he didn’t reached until this all of a sudden. WWE has been strongly representing him as the true workhorse of Monday Night Raw ever since his arrival on the scene in October last year. He’s defeated superstars like Jeff Hardy, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Mustafa Ali and many more in this current run.

The biggest opponent Theory’s so far short but impactful WWE career has been The Beast Brock Lesnar with whom he had a match for the WWE Championship in a house show at the world’s most famous arena, the Madison Square Garden on the road to Wrestlemania. Although Lesnar was originally scheduled to face Bobby Lashley for the championship at MSG, he got injured at Elimination Chamber event held in Saudi Arabia and which took him out of action for several weeks vacating out the space against Brock Lesnar for the big contest.

We had no clue as to whom will be facing The Beast at MSG and so was WWE as Theory being the replacement for Bobby Lashley was decided an hour ago the show started as revealed by Theory himself in an interview with Sean Ross Sapp. Theory recalled there was no name written in against of Brock Lesnar on the internal match cards even moments before the show was about to get started and then around an hour to go they informed him as Lesnar’s opponent for that night.

“Probably an hour before. Yeah. We had the card in the back and it just said, ‘Brock versus—’ and there was just nothing there. Then I was like, ‘Wow, this is just a theory, isn’t it?”

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Theory had a scary bump given by Brock Lesnar earlier this year

Theory and Brock Lesnar
Theory and Brock Lesnar

WWE went to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for this year’s Elimination Chamber event where they had Bobby Lashley defended his WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Riddle and Theory in an Elimination Chamber match. Brock Lesnar proved his dominance as he quickly eliminated everyone from the match barring Lashley who previously left the match due to an injury leaving only Theory in the match for the Beast to slay.

The 24 year old tried to ran as long s he could from Lesnar and in that pursuit he even reached the top of Chamber Pod thinking he might be left without sustaining any beating from The Beast but the inhuman cat-like agility of Lesnar came into display as he F-5ed Theory from the top of Chamber pod all way down to the ring structure which was a very scary looking sight at one point. He then pinned him to become the new WWE Champion.

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