Triple H makes a SHOCKING statement regarding changing the name of a female WWE superstar

WWE Head of the Creative department Triple H has decided to change the name of doudrop into something else as this name does not suit her.

Triple H
Triple H
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Triple H is one of the best legendary wrestlers of all time the Game shocked the whole world when he became the Head of the WWE Creative team after his father-in-law Vince McMahon made his retirement from the company in the last week of July. Triple H is doing so well in the creative team as he has already presented very good shows on TV.

Triple H recently revealed that now he is going to work on the undercard and make them a lot better than they were before. He is going to work on many characters and one of that superstars is Doudrop. She has not done anything till now and her name is rather comedic than strong as her physique.

Triple H has already stated that he sees a lot of potential in her and will try to give her a character and make her overall things changed he is thinking of a new name for her and wants her name to be changed as soon as possible. The name does not suit her and does not give her any good fan base.

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According to Triple H, Doudrop’s career is not doing well right now

Triple H and Doudrop
Triple H will push Doudrop after the name change

Doudrop has not had one of the best debuts in WWE but her size and skills show that she still owns some potential and can be one of the biggest unstoppable female WWE wrestlers. Doudrop made her debut in WWE in the middle of 2020 and she debut as a bodyguard-type character for the returning star Eva Marie.

Eva Marie’s return was going to be very big but it got crashed because of her still lacking in-ring skills Eva did not work in WWE for two long and after a couple of storylines she was fired from the company and the reason was given as she was released due to budget cuts. Doudrop was then left with no storyline resulting in her as one of the wrestlers who appear on Raw without any character and any motive or storylines. Let’s see what will Triple H do to make Doudrop get the audience behind her and make her a top star.

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