Triple H reportedly grants WWE superstars a full week off leading up to Christmas

Triple H continues to gain the respect of the WWE locker room and fans after his latest gesture ahead of the Christmas holidays.

Triple H reportedly grants WWE superstars a full week off leading up to Christmas

Triple H with a Christmas hat (via WWE)

The WWE Universe was elated when Triple H officially took over creative in July 2022. Since then, Papa H, as fans like to call him, has made a lot of desirable changes. From welcoming previously fired talent to making huge creative changes in storylines, fans can’t thank him enough. It seems he has given the WWE Universe as well as superstars another reason to praise him.

As per Fightful Select, Triple H has decided to grant a full week off, in most cases, to the WWE talent. As many are aware, Christmas is around the corner and remains a widely cherished festival. Hence, it feels like a much-needed welfare measure for the WWE superstars that they will now be allowed to enjoy the festivities.


Christmas week is full of happening activities. From enjoying the snow to exchanging gifts, wrestlers will be able to enjoy everything between December 19th and December 25th. Needless to say, this can be considered one of those path-breaking decisions that contradict the Vince McMahon style of work.

It seems there is going to be much more to Christmas than exclusive sales and merchandise in WWE. Triple H recognizes the importance of life away from the squared circle. This Christmas shall be an extra special one for all members of the WWE roster out there.

Randy Orton is pleased with Triple H realizing the importance of family

Randy Orton has been among those who have been the talk of the town ever since he returned to Survivor Series 2023. He was recently invited to Logan Paul’s Impaulsive Podcast. During the episode, the Viper talked about how Triple H recognizes the importance of giving time off to WWE talent.

“Back in the day, you were missing birthdays, you were missing anniversaries, you were missing holidays, and there was no either way about it. I think he realizes how important family time is. And that’s one thing that has changed. Now, there’s leniency there."
Randy Orton on Triple H
Randy Orton and Triple H hugging
Randy Orton and Triple H hugging (via WWE)

Orton further elaborated on how the Head of Creative has given the superstars space to be there for their loved ones. Whether it is attending the birth of their babies or any other important occasion, they will get time to be there. All in all, the locker room is elated by this new change under the Triple H regime.

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