“You’ll never go wrong,” Triple H reveals secret mantra that Vince McMahon taught him on how to book WWE storylines

Triple H sheds light on the words of wisdom he received from Vince McMahon.

“You’ll never go wrong,” Triple H reveals secret mantra that Vince McMahon taught him on how to book WWE storylines

Triple H and Vince McMahon (via wrestletalk)

WWE is one of those professional wrestling promotions that heavily relies on their storytelling abilities. In his recent interview with Justin Barrasso, WWE’s Head of Creative, Triple H, shed light on an interesting thing. He revealed the secret mantra of his booking, taught to him by WWE Executive Chairman, Vince McMahon.


While speaking with Sports Illustrated, The Game spoke about how Vince taught him to think like the audience. The 78-year-old told him to maintain that perspective to be able to book what fans want to see and feel. It is this approach that ultimately dictates the way they handle characters and stories in WWE. This is the mantra that Vince McMahon gave him, as per the WWE CCO.

Vince taught me years ago, that you put yourself in the seats and you’ll never go wrong. You’ve always got to maintain that perspective. I started out as a fan. Book what people want to feel and see. That’s how we try to approach, find that ultimate emotional place for the talent and the characters and the stories they’re in.
Triple H about Vince McMahon

Additionally, The Game revealed how he has worked in front of almost no crowd in a stadium filled with thousands of people. Triple H stated that he knows the struggle and the entire process involving success and failure. Moreover, the WWE CCO mentioned that there have been instances where, despite receiving the opportunity to reach the top, he’s moved back down.

Despite Triple H receiving sufficient creative freedom from Endeavor, Vince McMahon isn’t completely cut off from input. The Game went on to reveal how a genius booker needs to uphold the point of view of a wrestling fan. The King of Kings expressed his gratitude for the fans and said that one should never take them for granted.


At the end of the day, the King of Kings lives with a philosophy, which is to make fans feel the storylines. He believes that their respect for the product is what makes them work day in and day out. Moreover, Hunter looks towards those kids who relish their product, and even those who get inspired by those who enjoy it and want to be a part of it.

Triple H talks about the obstacles that LA Knight faced in reaching success

Few professional wrestlers can claim that they’ve seen the tip of the mountain as well as the bottom of the pit. LA Knight is one of them. Triple H recently appeared on Greg and the Morning Buzz chat. He talked at length about the incredible journey that Knight made, both inside and outside WWE.

He spoke about how the Megastar has spent considerable time in the squared circle. According to Triple H, without giving up, he kept on grinding. Despite nearing the end of his career, he did not skip a step and here he is. LA Knight is finally making it big time, as per The Game. He did speak about the uncertainty that revolves around every career, including Knight’s.

Triple H and LA Knight
Triple H and LA Knight (via Stillrealtous)
I look at LA Knight right now. He’s been in this business for a long time… he kept grinding. Here is sort of running toward the end of his career and all of a sudden, he’s making it and becoming a big deal. Hopefully, he can capitalize on that, and we can.
Triple H about LA Knight

Additionally, The Game made an analogy between remaining perceptive and keeping one’s doors open. Knight’s rise to success in 2023, 20 years after his professional wrestling debut, is a testament. It speaks about how hard work pays off in the world of professional wrestling.


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