“You’re not ready,” WWE legends send a warning shot to The Kabuki Warriors while teasing one more championship run

The legendary female duo has seemingly set its sights on gold.

“You’re not ready,” WWE legends send a warning shot to The Kabuki Warriors while teasing one more championship run

The Kabuki Warriors on SmackDown [via- WWE]

The women’s tag team division in WWE stabilized once The Kabuki Warriors re-emerged on the scene. Following Kairi Sane‘s return at Crown Jewel, she joined forces with the Damage CTRL. And on January 26 this year, Sane, along with Asuka, captured the doubles women’s gold. They’ve had smooth sailing up until now, but a couple of names might be looking for them.


Recently, at a Q&A session at For the Love of Wrestling, WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Lita were present. They were asked about potentially having a go at the Women’s Tag Team titles. Lita answered it first by saying the idea fascinates her. She even addressed the proverbial curse these straps have been bearing ever since their inception.

However, Lita said that if she and Stratus were the ones with the gold around their waists, that curse would disappear magically. Stratus also got into the act, and she had a message for The Kabuki Warriors. The Canadian great affirmed that Asuka and Kairi Sane aren’t ready for her and Lita, the Team Bestie. That response may set some bells ringing.

What do you guys think of that?… (Our message to The Kabuki Warriors is) You’re not ready for Team Bestie. 
Trish Stratus to The Kabuki Warriors

Though Lita had previously tasted the women’s tag team gold, Stratus has yet to have it. Less has been divulged about Lita’s remaining aspirations inside the squared circle, but Stratus certainly has some. But for them to hang with two of the best in Kabuki Warriors, it needs more than a one-liner.


Trish last competed at WWE Payback last year, where she lost to Becky Lynch inside a steel cage. On the other hand, Amy Dumas, aka Lita, hasn’t tangoed since WrestleMania 39. Only time will tell if fans will see them compete again.

The injury bug might’ve stung The Kabuki Warriors

This past Friday night, Bayley endured an onslaught from Damage CTRL. Though the Iyo Sky-led group was able to ground The Role Model and Naomi, who came to rescue her, there’s a lot to worry about.

The Damage CTRL
Damage CTRL [via- Iyo Sky on X]

One-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Asuka, might’ve hurt her knee during the assault. As pointed out by some fans on X, The Empress of Tomorrow was caught limping as she turned up the heat on Bayley.

If it worsens, Asuka could find herself on the sidelines just days before WrestleMania 40. A sort of multi-woman tag team match, including The Kabuki Warriors, appeared to have been set up. However, with a potential injury in sight, those plans could be up in the air.


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