WATCH: Unseen footage of ‘ANGRY’ Seth Rollins shouting obscenities at CM Punk during his WWE return at Survivor Series

While most of the fans were elated to see the return of CM Punk, Seth Rollins was enraged.

WATCH: Unseen footage of ‘ANGRY’ Seth Rollins shouting obscenities at CM Punk during his WWE return at Survivor Series

CM Punk & Seth Rollins (via X)

The prayers have been finally answered. CM Punk has made his return to WWE after almost ten long years. Survivor Series 2023 witnessed the fulfillment of the unimaginable. Following a devastating Men’s War Games match, all of a sudden the “Cult of Personality” hit the Allstate Arena.

However, not everyone seems pleased with this return, and Seth Rollins is one such name. After emerging victorious with the help of returning Randy Orton, The Visionary was celebrating their victory. Minutes later, the smile was wiped away from his face. In unseen footage that wasn’t televised, Rollins can be seen furious at Punk’s return.


As can be seen, it feels like Seth Rollins was getting rabid to get his hands on the returning star. He was shouting obscenities and clawing badly while making an NSFW gesture. Michael Cole and Corey Graves had to come in to control the situation. Things really turned chaotic. Watch the footage below.

WWE fans are quite aware of the bitter history between CM Punk and Seth Rollins. The latter has functioned as the gatekeeper for the entire men’s roster. However, he exhibits personal hatred for the Second City Saint, as he has called him a cancer in the past. Time will tell how the dynamics in the locker room will unfold as these two greats collide.

WWE Creative was seemingly kept in the dark about CM Punk’s return to WWE

Wrestling fans are still unable to believe that the Second City Saint has returned to WWE. The internet is flooded with fans’ astounding reactions. The Allstate Arena had tears of joy after what they got to behold infront of their very eyes. However, it seems the WWE Creative and Staff were puzzled as well.


Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has revealed how Punk disclosed to one close person how he had a long conversation with Triple H. After which, he also explained how there is no one in the staff or WWE Creative who is aware of the talks about his return. His return was carried out furtively.

CM Punk
CM Punk (via Wrestlezone)

For instance, it was amazing that Triple H took over in the last minutes of the show and even asked for a copyright logo to be presented by the production team. In any case, The Best in the World seems to have literally shocked even the management. As stated, he nonchalantly walked in through the back, and there he was in front of the sold-out Allstate Arena in Chicago.

Fans as well as the Stamford-based company seem to be on top of the world. During the post-show press conference, Triple H spoke about CM Punk and said that he always creates a buzz. Hunter stated that the fans wanted it to happen, which made it happen at Survivor Series 2023.


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