Major update on Brock Lesnar’s status for WWE 2K24 video game

Brock Lesnar was indirectly implicated in the heinous lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon.

Major update on Brock Lesnar’s status for WWE 2K24 video game

Brock Lesnar (via WWE)

The highly anticipated WWE 2K24 game is set to be released on March 8th, 2024, promising to feature a roster packed with legendary superstars and even celebrities. However, doubts have surrounded the inclusion of Brock Lesnar. New reports have surfaced, revealing more details about the Beast Incarnate’s potential involvement in the game.

According to reports from Insider Gaming, although it was too late to completely remove Brock Lesnar from WWE 2K24, the developers have made him unplayable in the game upon release. However, his character and game files are still present, leaving open the possibility for players to make him playable with some effort.

The decision not to remove Lesnar entirely from the game may be due to the timing of the latest allegations against Vince McMahon, which also indirectly implicated The Beast Incarnate. Additionally, Lesnar may have minor inclusions in different game modes. Despite attempts to reach out to 2K for comment, there has been no response regarding Lesnar’s status in the game.

Additionally, WWE 2K24 has officially released the full roster for the game, and Brock Lesnar’s name is notably absent from the list of included superstars. The former UFC star’s absence from WWE 2K24 aligns with his removal from the mobile game WWE Supercard and his exclusion from the cover art for the 40 Years of WrestleMania edition of the game.

What’s next for the Brock Lesnar?

Reports indicated that WWE had set a significant creative direction for Brock Lesnar, planning his appearance at the Royal Rumble, a match at Elimination Chamber against Dominik Mysterio, and a WrestleMania program with Gunther. However, his recent legal troubles have led to the cancellation of these plans, leaving The Beast’s future in WWE uncertain.

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar (via WWE)

With his removal from WWE 2K24 and other promotional materials, it appears that Brock Lesnar’s time with WWE is over, at least until his legal troubles are resolved. The negative media attention surrounding him makes it highly unlikely that any other US promotion, including AEW, would make an offer for him.

Lesnar could potentially explore opportunities in Japan, where the wrestling culture is different. He has a history with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), having won their IWGP championship in the past. However, NJPW is currently facing financial challenges, making it unlikely that they could afford to sign Lesnar at this time.

Additionally, with the recent departure of Kazuchika Okada, there may be additional funds available for NJPW. This opens up possibilities for the Beast, although it remains intriguing to see how things will unfold.

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