WATCH: CM Punk continues to make life hell for Drew McIntyre as he costs him another title opportunity on Raw after WrestleMania

Drew McIntyre lost an opportunity to become the No. 1 contender for Damian Priest's World Heavyweight Title.

WATCH: CM Punk continues to make life hell for Drew McIntyre as he costs him another title opportunity on Raw after WrestleMania

CM Punk and Drew McIntyre (via WWE)

If Drew McIntyre thought his misery was over after Night 2 of WrestleMania, he was entirely wrong. He was stripped of another opportunity to become the World Heavyweight Champion thanks to CM Punk. The Best in the World distracted McIntyre, which allowed Jey Uso to pick up the victory. 

Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania saw four deserving candidates, Ricochet, Jey Uso, Bronson Reed, and Drew McIntyre, fighting for the No. 1 contender spot for the World Heavyweight Title. The Scottish Warrior was well on his way to winning the match, but CM Punk held his leg and prevented him from hitting a Claymore Kick. Jey saw the window of opportunity and won the match with a Uso Splash. 

The Scottish Warrior was in no mood for giggles and laughs as he picked up the mic and lashed out at Damian Priest and CM Punk. He defeated Seth Rollins on Night 2 of WrestleMania XL and completed his dream of winning the title in front of a jam-packed crowd. However, his cockiness led to his downfall, as Priest cashed in his MITB contract on him after he was attacked by Punk. 

The Second City Saint got revenge for all the insults McIntyre threw at him on social media. Although he is still not clear to wrestle, he could potentially be very close to an in-ring return. It will be interesting to see Drew McIntyre’s reaction after Punk cost him two matches in a row. 

CM Punk sent a message to Drew McIntyre after costing him the title at WrestleMania XL

When Drew McIntyre injured CM Punk with a Future Shock DDT in the Royal Rumble match, he mocked him constantly by saying he shattered his WrestleMania dreams. The Scottish Warrior finally paid for all of his insults at the Show of Shows. After costing him the title at WrestleMania XL, he had special advice for the 37-year-old. 

CM Punk and Drew McIntyre
CM Punk and Drew McIntyre (via WWE)

In a backstage segment, Punk talked about how the Money in the Bank briefcase would always be connected to him. After that, he gave his arch nemesis advice to never mess with him because he could do much worse. That’s exactly what happened when he again cost McIntyre an opportunity to become a No. 1 contender.

If I have any bit of advice for McIntyre, to quote a great man, 'never throw rocks at a man with a machine gun.
CM Punk via WWE

This rivalry is getting more personal day by day, and fans are excited to see the two superstars tear it up in the ring. After losing another opportunity to become a champion, only time will tell what’s next for The Scottish Warrior. 

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